Detox Your Life

Raw food isn’t just about food. Along with the side effects of eating raw such as detoxing, gaining energy and getting clarity your way of thinking and your emotional life will change as well. It is pure logic. When toxins leave your body, you will feel more dynamic, be in a better mood, look at your current life with new eyes.  You will see new possibilities, new opportunities. You will start wondering about the way you are living your life.

Is this life the one you want?

Is this life the one you dreamed of?

Is this the life that makes you feel happy?

You will start seeing more clearly, think differently. You will start dreaming again. The difference now is that you will have the energy to make them come true. You will find the self confidence to make your moves towards your faded dreams. They will come alive now you have come alive. A lot of self questioning will be going on and this is the time to have a close look at how you made yourself promises about your life when you were young and how well stayed true to them and yourself.

Did you stay true to your dreams?

What did you do to make them come true?

Are you living in alignment with yourself?

These questions might seem scary at first (“What is happening to me?”) but they are the door to  your happiness. Once you know for yourself what is missing in your life, once you realize you can change what you don’t like you can actually DO something about it.

Detoxification is not only about toxins leaving the body, it goes much further than the signs you are experiencing in the beginning of eating pure. Toxins can enter on every level in your life, whether it is your cluttered office, the work you are doing, your emotions, the relationship you are in, the people you are surrounded with. Once you start detoxing, the effects become visible  soon. You want your desk and kitchen to be clean, you are looking for the company of positive people, you want to be truly happy in your relationship. Not only that: you will feel it is time to live in harmony with yourself and others and take action to make your dreams come true.

We are brought up with candies and sweets. When we cried, we got a candy to make us feel better. The doctor gave us a candy when we were ‘good’. We were rewarded with a cookie when we were silent during a visit. It is a behavior we are taught in are early childhood and which stays with us until we can unmask it and become aware of the system behind it. We are taught to stuff our emotions with food.

This is why a detox also affects and opens up your emotions. When you eat raw you can’t hide behind food anymore. You can’t stuff your emotions with loads of chocolate, popcorn, chips or big buckets of ice cream. So what happens is that you will now feel them instead of eating them away. That can be painful yes. But this is only temporarily. Go through these emotions, look them in the face and process them yourself. Once processed you won’t have to stuff them every single day. This is why raw food makes you feel happier after a while: you are learning about yourself, processing emotions and issues, you are growing and getting stronger by resolving what has been holding you back from a happy life for so long.

I am here to help you if you are stuck at some point and you don’t know how to go beyond that block.

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