If you are a new client requiring for a first strategy session, please book now as my availability is limited. I want to serve you at the best of my possibilities and therefor am only working with 10 clients at a time exclusively.

I am offering a complementary call of 15 minutes to go through your question you want my help with and to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Whether your goal is losing weight and reshaping your body into the one you love, overcoming issues, reaching that next level of health, staying healthy, feeling energized and alive, I will teach you the knowledge, skills and techniques to change what you don’t like.

I am promoting healthy living and relief from chronic issues through my intensive VIP 1:1 coaching programs, personalized to your needs. In these programs we go through all the different steps, from detoxification and cleansing to the level of raw food you want or need to implement to make your body stronger to heal itself.

If you are highly motivated to commit and invest in your health, I will be happy to work with you and help you to achieve your goal!

Marie-Claire Hermans, Author, Ravishing Raw Chef & Ravishing Raw Coach

Located in  -  Belgium, Europe

Phone Number –  +32 (0)13 33 53 92 or +32 494 31 35 39


Schedule now below and start feeling better today!

I am looking forward to giving you the glow!

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Dear Sister Goddess Marie Claire,
I was looking for a sign and here your newsletter appeared.
Ha ha ha. I love how that works.
Thank you for this well written article about Goji Berries.
"This is when you start feeling warm, even in winter." This is the missing link to my Raw Food Her-story.
Thank you for BEing a LOVECat and sharing so much.
I am so grateful. I am so blessed.
Wishing you,
Sister GoddessGoddess

Goddess Goddess


Thank you, Marie-Claire of Ravishing Raw!!! I am so delighted to say that I'm back on track and feeling awesome about rawsome.
She offers a free eBook with a step-by-step guide for going 'Raw for 3 Days' when you sign up for her newsletter. I had a really good feeling about her and so I signed up. It was the best decision!!

Complete with menus and checklists for 3 days of easy recipes, along with photos on each step and what your meals should look like - I'm in Heaven! Yes, finally I found someone who knows what easy means!

Kiernan Antares

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