Nuts & Seeds
Nuts and seeds are such wonderful foods! They are a great way to replace your dairy products, add essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6, vitamins, minerals, fibers and the proteins you need to live a healthy vegan lifestyle.
Superfoods are true ancient powerhouses which give you the natural boost you need to come closer to a healthy and dynamic life.
Raw cacao
Raw chocolate is the richest source of antioxidants and magnesium. You can eat chocolate guilt free from now on and still lose excessive weight. Make your own chocolates and delicious desserts with these raw products.
Looking for a blender or juicer? Vitamix and Green Star will never let you down and serve your health your whole life long with the same amazing power, every day.
Sprout Tools
No longer available.
These eBooks will help you to stay raw in winter and learn you how to detow your body with a ravishing juice fast.
Workshops @ Your Place
Workshops are a great way to get to know each other in a personal way and to learn all about raw food. I am looking forward to give you the shortcuts to a raw food lifestyle in your private house, your company in presence with the ones you gather. Gather your family, colleagues and/or dear loved ones. For now these workshops are only available for Belgium.
Kitchen Tools
Handy Kitchen Tools are making your life so much easier and more fun in the kitchen.
Group Programs
A wonderful group program that you can organize to create a raw ripple effect around you!
Coaching Packages
1:1 Coaching Packages are a personalized concept to move your life from a place you are stuck towards and into the direction you want to give it. To find out which program is a good fit for you, email me to schedule your free 15 minutes chat.
Keimling products are truly raw and of high quality. Their versatile stock is amazing. If you have any requests for other products than the ones that are up at the moment, feel free to contact me and I will do what I can to deliver them to you.
This speed blender with a horsepower of 2.3 will be your best and most loyal friend in your raw kitchen. Even if you will use twice or three times a day, it never lets you down. The Vitamix TNC 5200 comes with variable speed buttons and a tamper that allows you to blend safely.
A dehydrator is a wonderful equipment in every season. You can dry your own fruits and vegetables in high season and make a lovely pantry, full of nutrients. Raw crackers, pizza's, lasagna's will warm up every raw winter and open up a new dimension in your raw recipes.
A personal blender is the best help to stay raw while traveling or working long days. With its light weight you can put it anywhere in your luggage or bag. It has enough power to crush ice; ideal for a cool smoothie in your hotel room.
Ceramic knives are made from pure Zirconia ceramic, a material developed for space research that has an extremely smooth surface. It cuts evenly and easily, even through very tender and delicate fruits. And its knives' smooth surface keeps them very hygienic.
Green Star
Slow Juicers are the best juicers if you want to keep all of the valuable nutrients. You can juice any vegetable or fruit with much higher yields than you were used to. Juicing leafy greens and grasses are no longer out of your reach.
A healthy alternative for sugar is raw Agave Nectar. As with all sweeteners it needs to be used with moderation.
Sedona Raw Food Dehydrator. Drying in raw food quality for every kitchen! From pineapple rings to zucchini chips dry diversity in raw food quality! Fits into most kitchen cupboards. Shapely - quiet - energy saving.
VIP Days
Very Important Programs

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