“Ravishing Juice Fast!” Online Program



Limited Enrolment OPEN!

Did you prepare your house and garden for the next season?

What about resetting  YOUR BODY?

… to get more ENERGY

… to get up easily in the morning

… to give yourself a NEW JUMP START to a new life

… to feel HEALTHIER

… to LOSE excessive or stubborn WEIGHT

… to look and feel YOUNGER

… to feel RAVISHING!


A new season, a new cleanse. This is your time to reset your mind & body for an energetic vibe in just any season that may seem challenging to you right now, to keep your youthful mojo going all year long and to boost your immune system! 

To face health challenges with glance you need to prepare your inner house with strength, mentally and physically. This is why I want to help you with my “RAVISHING JUICE FAST!” online group experience! 

Read Your Program Overview, Then Register Below! 


If you ever wanted to do a water and juice fast but missed the motivation to do it all by yourself, then this is your chance to feel inspired and supported!

1 – The importance of cleansing

We are suffering from toxic overload on a daily basis without realizing its major role in our life. Toxins are mostly the reason why you feel..

  • deprived from energy and fatigued
  • foggy or/and disconnected 
  • depressed
  • sick
  • in pain or aching
  • craving for junk foods
  • trapped in food addictions to sugar, caffeine, drugs
  • the “signs of age”
  • heavy and bloated

Toxins are the number one cause of not “feeling well” and in worse cases, illness. Detoxifying your body is the simple answer to what is keeping your wellbeing under its thumb.

2 – Juicing is so much more than just drinking  juices! It is key to learn…

  • How to prepare yourself for a successful fast
  • How to nourish yourself on juices 
  • How to fast safely
  • How to remove the toxins thoroughly
  • How to support all of your elimination systems
  • How to take excellent care of yourself
  • How to perceive, soften and handle your detox side effects
  • How to re-introduce your body to solid foods 
  • How to use this cleansing experience to take the next step into a consistent healthy lifestyle

Fasting is a very beneficial action on every level of your body, your mind, your spirit, your life… when done right. Once you learned exactly how to fast safely and thoroughly, you can use your experience and new knowledge for each and every following fast.

3 – Joining my ravishing juice fast program can be a one time investment that benefits the rest of your life!



Juice fasting reveals a new life to you. Each time it becomes easier to dive into juicing and each time you will get more out of it.
Let me give you ten good reasons to join my program. But first feel your body and ask yourself how you are feeling right now! Can you feel it?

Now imagine how it would feel to have a ravishing, dynamic body and a young spirit! This is the best reason to join my program!


is the right fit for you when you…

  • … are tired of being tired
  • … are fully committed to feeling better
  • … are longing for energy to do all the things you love doing
  • … are feeling fatigued and can’t refuel your body and mind
  • … are feeling stuffed and bloated
  • … can’t lose those pounds which make you feel unhappy and uncomfortable
  • … want to make the transition to a healthier life or to raw food
  • … can’t concentrate anymore
  • … can’t think clearly anymore
  • … want to feel smart again
  • … are irritated without “reason”
  • … lost your appetite in life
  • … have skin problems
  • … have joint and muscles pains and you can’t get moving in the morning
  • … are suffering from ailments you can’t get rid of

I have been there too. After I was cured of several serious diseases, my body was totally exhausted. So was my mind. After each cleanse I did, I felt as if I took enormous leaps forward with my health. The first few days are always a bit tougher, but soon you will notice that it is well worth it! And to get you started with confidence, we first get you a strong mindset! Fasting gives you so much more than you could have dreamed of.

What will RAVISHING JUICE FAST bring to you?

  • You will clear out your whole body and get rid of the toxins that fatigue you.
  • You will lose weight in a natural way and you will fit in your  little black dress or smaller pants again!
  • You will get back your youthfulness 
  • Your skin will become beautiful and shiny
  • And you know what that means! You will look better and younger!
  • You will be refueled and recharged with new energy!
  • You will have more clarity and be able to concentrate better
  • You will feel “light”! Physically and mentally!
  • You will love yourself again!
  • You will feel goooood!

This is the new you when you join my juice fast. 

A juice fast is not suited if you…

… are on medication or recreational drugs for a health issue (during a fast you can’t take any medication)

… are diabetic and on insulin for more than two years

… are pregnant or are breast feeding

In these cases juicing may cause too much poison to flow out of the lymph fluid into the blood too quickly.

… have an eating disorder

  • When pregnant the toxins may go to the fetes and while breast feeding, toxins may enter the baby’s milk. Wait until after your pregnancy and/or breast feeding to go on a fast. I will be happy to welcome you on a next occasion of my juice program or you can go on an individual, personally guided online juice fast with me when you are ready, from the comfort of your home at a time that we schedule together.
  • If you suffer from diabetes, please consult your medical practitioner and have yourself followed up by a professional in that area during cleansing your body. If you decide to go on a juice fast, start with one day only (per week) and work yourself up gradually through the several levels of detoxing until you can fast safely for a longer time. 
  • In case of an eating disorder, juicing may be a new excuse to either lose more weight or cover up a disorder with a healthy action. Please consult your therapist!   




From day 1 till 3 we start by transitioning from solid to liquid foods slowly

We start with a first teleseminar on Sunday, February 23, about how to prepare for your fast, mentally and physically

I will give you some lovely, easy recipes for your transitioning days in a first handout

Our one day long water fast starts on Friday after a (healthy) lunch

Don’t worry, I will guide you each day by email and you will know exactly what to do

Saturday evening we start making lovely green juices!

Each day you will receive another ravishing recipe! (except for the water day)


This is our green week! Don’t worry, it won’t be boring!

Because you will love love love my green juice recipes!

My  second teleseminar on March 3 will reveal all you need to know about detoxing and how to understand your body

My handout of this week reveals the details about how to green up your body 

You will learn how to be gentle with yourself during a detox and how to remove toxins thoroughly


On Saturday, our one week long, soft liver/gallbladder flush starts

I will talk to you on Monday, March 10 about how to flush exactly and why it is so important for your overall health

As always, you will have the opportunity to ask your juicy questions at the end of the teleseminar

You will receive a recipe for each day

On our last day I will cover your questions and talk about transitioning from juices to solid foods

Yes, I want to be part of RAVISHING JUICE FAST!

Flatten Your Belly!


Can you remember that first time you were riding your bike all by yourself without falling over? It felt like victory! First it felt like “impossible”, the next day as “easy.” This is the exact same feeling you get when you finish a fast successfully! You can move mountains, conquer the world… your world.

Juicing is very powerful: it includes your choice to live healthy, it liberates your body and mind from …

  • Food addictions
  • Bad eating habits
  • Emotional eating
  • Overweight
  • Cravings

… and dealing with those energy consumers means that your life will feel much better. All this energy that you once needed to deal with negativism and attempts to break vicious circles is now for you! You can now think your own thoughts instead of feeling guilty each time you can’t hold on to a plan. Juice fasting empowers you with new mental and spiritual strength!

Knowledge is very powerful when you apply it! This is why I want to share mine with you and invite you to own and live yours after our fast together. Once you know how to ride a bike you will never forget. I will teach you how to find your own balance, how to get up when you fall, how to take loving care of yourself, how to accelerate and breathe deeply, how to drive straight towards your goal.

You will always have the recipes I am giving you. The leads I am guiding you with, will always keep their value and serve you every next time from here on, as will the attractive and juicy handouts you will get, the MP3′s of our 3 teleclasses. These are all very valuable materials, made especially for you to re-use each time you commit to another fast. They are timeless & priceless.

If you are still hesitating to taking that step you are procrastinating because of all kinds of reasons. Know that  these excuses don’t serve your life. No reason is good enough to delay your well being because without health, you can’t do anything. You can change your course by making this important decision for yourself and take action. You have to take good care of your health today to be healthy tomorrow.

I am offering  you this three week long program (and my valuable bonuses)


Starting February 26, 2014!

Sign up now to enjoy my early bird price

€ 247 


And yes, this includes all that I will give you to make this juice feast successful! Meaning, a teleclass with open Q&A call each week. If you missed the calls, no worries; I will be recording them and you can download the MP3′s of each one of them, you will get ravishing recipes so you will love your juices, receive guidance and support all the way, attractive handouts and…

…the first three enthusiastic subscribers receive a BONUS 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with me (value €200) taken at a mutually suitable time during our three weeks together)

Save your seat!


And you will love your ravishing bonuses!

A lovely e-journal where you can keep track with your ravishing water and juice fast and write down your own green creations.

A fr*ee BONUS teleseminar with Steve Meyerowitz Sproutman with priceless value! This is the best of the best information for your health. We will share everything you want to know about fasting to be successful every time!

A fr*ee BONUS teleseminar with Jay and Linda Kordich (The Juicedaddy), again priceless because of lifelong shared experience with juicing.

Are you ready to commit to your health?

Kickoff is February 26, 2014!

Juice Up Your Health!

Yes Marie-Claire!

I can’t wait to start this 3 week long program with you and understand that I will receive following benefits from this Ravishing Juice Fast!

Three online teleseminars with you that will explain me everything I need to know to go on a water and juice fast in its most beneficial way

The MP3 of each call so I can catch up if I couldn’t make the live call

Attractive handouts with juicy recipes for each day

A weekly ingredients list for my shopping

Guidance and email support throughout my whole fasting journey

PLUS all your inspiring BONUSES

I am so looking forward to sharing all this with you! Just keep in mind that if you make that change it is a lifetime benefit!

If you are ready, committed and highly motivated to change, join me today. Click the  ”buy now” button and feel good about the investment you are making in yourself. You deserve it!




I am looking forward to juicing with you,

Juice Well, Feel Ravishing!


P.S. – Don’t delay! If you are still doubting but you can feel that this is what you need, than you are ready NOW. And NOW is the time to act if you want to feel better! I am so looking forward to helping you!

Disclaimer: This program is designed out of my personal experiences and knowledge to guide and support you on your juice fast. Please consult your doctor first if you have any health issues. Any nutritional guidelines or recipes given are for informational purposes only and are not to replace advice given by your qualified medical or alternative practitioner. In participating this program you understand that your choices in ALL areas are ultimately your responsibility.

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