Easy Meal Prep For Breakfast

No time to have breakfast in your hectic mornings? As challenging as it may seem to have a nourishing breakfast that puts you in the drivers seat of your business, as easy it is to prepare for the culprits in your busy weeks.

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Start Your Day Green

The start of something -no matter what it is- defines your success, how far you get ahead of others, your increased chance of winning. Learn here how do you start your day for more focus, productivity, good mood,... every day!

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Failure, Fear & Food

What do failures, fears and food have to do with one another? Well, we can deal with about anything but don't touch our food! In this masterclass I want to debunk the feeling you may have that you are a failure and the fears that come up, as soon as you think of changing your eating habits...

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What To Do When You “Just Ain’t Feelin’ It”

Being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster; as high as we can be on working our plan and passion, as low we can feel when our lamp runs out on fuel. So what to do when you don't feel like doing what you have to do and your energy is going down? Here are a few easy tactics that work...

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Because You’re So Ready To Level Up Your Energy & Confidence

Whether you are ready for it or not, spring is on in a blink and summer is just around the corner. “That’s still months away,” you may think. But soon, you’ll start feeling the excitement (and stress) that vacation brings, dressing lighter and traveling more. Are you up for this?

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How To Keep The Holiday Pounds Off

What does enjoying mean to you? Is it: quantity or quality? If it's quality, stick with me a few minutes. Because... what if you would NOT gain those typical 3 to 7 pounds during the holidays?

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5 Tactics To Strengthen The Immune System

Are you getting sick every time you travel long distance? I've been there! Until I set up a system that I pay extra attention to, starting a few weeks to a month before take off. Here are my 5 tactics for you...

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Layered Lunches

Once you get caught in your to-do list of the day, making time for a healthy lunch ends up in the back of your busy mind. Yet, that's the time when you need to re-fuel for your productivity in the afternoon. Here's how you can organise your busy week with one small strategy...

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What’s In Your Fridge Door?

What does your success and your fridge door have to do with each other? What's in that door determines a great deal the way you feel and look. Watch my video to learn how you can replace the "3 S's" that claim your health in a way that your self confidence may go down, too...

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4 Practical Juicing Tactics

When we are facing a hectic week and thinking of how to stick to our healthy morning routine on top of our work as a busy professional, it's easy to fall into excuses... In this short video, I'm teaching you my 4 practical tactics for quick and organised juicing!

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