Dick Oatts

Dick Oatts

For the past 50 years my food diet has been the “I see it and eat it” diet. It worked okay during my younger years because of high metabolism and lots of testosterone. After 4 children, a couple divorces, thousands of days traveling or touring, financial disasters, sickness and chronic fatigue, my weight gain was 40-50 pounds. I had severe sleep Apnea and was using a C-Pap machine every night to help regulate my breathing so I could sleep more soundly.  Because of my 3 professions– father, professor and working musician, I had no time and just gave up and ate foods that would conveniently fill me temporarily. My family’s health issues are Stroke and Heart attacks (bad blood circulation).  After having a stroke in my right eye ( I know!!— I’ve never heard of a stroke in your eyes, but it does happen),  I could see the writing on the tombstone unless I tried to “man-up” and do the right thing for my kids and career — lose weight and stay alive.

After trying several approaches to dieting, I settled on one that fit my lifestyle and was easy to keep up and maintain. I was doing a 2 week tour in Belgium and looked up the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra’s European coordinator, Marie-Claire Hermans. My dear friend and musical colleague, Douglas Purviance,  had spoke volumes of praise for Marie-Claire’s approach to Raw foods.  It was inspirational to see how Mr. Purviance has lost the weight but more inspirational to see how his whole persona had changed with it. Since I work with Douglas regularly, he gave me short explanation of what he’d done but highly suggested that I contact Marie-Claire for clarification and the right plan for me.  I did just that and just 10 months later, I have the energy I had in my 20s. My concentration and focus have improved immensely. I have lost almost 40 pounds and my blood flow is so much better. My joints don’t ache and I got rid of my C-pap machine a couple months of eating raw. I have found that Eating Raw is not just a diet but a way of life

Glowing, Energized and Raw

Glowing, Energized and Raw

After Eating Raw for 11 months,  everything Marie-Claire had said would happen, has happened. Her coachingtechnique is encouragingly individual. Through her own experiences and with other people,  she was able to understand the type of person I am and the type of schedule I have to keep in order to maintain my active lifestyle. I am 60 years old and I need and want to work for another 20 years.  My only hope is eating raw.  Marie-Claire has tailor-fit a new style of food intake to insure that I can at least give it my best shot. She has been amazingly supportive and through her experience, knowledge and web site, I am never alone or on my own  totally.  She is always there for guidance. 

I would like to highly recommend Eating Raw to anyone,  no matter what their weight or lifestyle might be into. GO RAW!

Dick Oatts / Saxophone

Professor of Jazz Studies

Boyer College of Music & Dance

Temple University

Philadelphia, PA


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