No More Binging!

First Strugglin, Now A Happy MomWhen I first met Marie-Claire, I was in the middle of my pregnancy. I have always been very interested in health and nutrition, but also struggled with a horrible binge problem. For the past few years I’ve been into raw food, I love how it makes me feel and I’m an ethnic vegan. Well, even though I wanted to live as a raw vegan, my disordered eating made it really hard for me. I’ve tried to get out of the starve/binge circle for years and years, but I could never make it stop.

A friend of mine introduced me to Marie-Claire, and I’m for ever thankful for that. I was desperate to get my eating right, and stop binging. I knew my baby needed me to feed myself right, both during pregnancy and now while breastfeeding. And even more important, I want to be a good role model for him when he grow up.

Marie-Claire has taught me techniques to make me strong when the urge to binge comes up, she has helped me stay focused, and I have learned how I can help myself- not just with food, but with everything in life.

I’m still working with completely trusting myself, my body, hunger, everything. But with the techniques I have learned, I get closer each and every day. And I’m not afraid of myself anymore. I don’t fear to binge, and now that this fear is gone, I am so much stronger, more positive and many times as happy as I used to be. I’m also the healthiest Ive ever been, almost all raw (I eat some steamed veggies, warm veggie soup etc. when I feel like it- maybe a couple of times a month), and my cravings for binge-food is all gone.

And all this thanks to the wonderful wonderful Marie-Claire. Her energy and kindness makes her so easy to talk with and to trust, and she has so much knowledge. Im so grateful for having her in my life.

Ragnhild Nordrum – Norway, A Healthy Happy Mom

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After 5 successful and happy months… 

Hi Marie-Claire, happy new year!

I’m doing very well. I’m always working on myself and I feel stronger and more positive than ever. I never binge (over 5 months now, woohooo!!) and being able to stop that has made me believe in myself in a whole different way. In a few weeks I’ll start to study nutrition online ( which is perfect, because then I can stay at home with my baby while studying) so I will finally get an education in something I truly love.  

I’m also working on cutting way down on my nuts. A couple of months back I was afraid that cutting down on them would make me binge on “binge-food”. I’m not affraid of that anymore! I still use small amounts of nuts (like a tea spoon of nutbutter in my smoothies, handful of nuts in my salad) but I try to never snack on nuts alone and not keep big amounts of nuts and nutbutters around. This is work in process, but so far it is going great and I just take it one day at the time.

I’ve been working more on my vision board and I’ve also made a grateful-jar (a jar where I put one note every night where I write one, or more, thing Im grateful for that day). Love it!

I just wanted to let you know how I’m doing. And still, I’m SO thankful that I met you Marie-Claire. I know that I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for you.

Sending you hugs and love from Norway, Ragnhild

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