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Are you a heartfelt professional?

Are you not feeling fit and healthy lately? Do you sometimes feel like you have nothing left to give from within, your batteries have run out? Is it difficult for you to lose those extra pounds you gained? Do you just wish you could build up lasting energy without effort? Then keep reading…

Who You Are

Pure Foods For ProfessionalsYou are a successful professional, challenged by the effects of a stressful lifestyle. You are at a point in your life where you are seeing the importance of optimal health as a reflection of who you are: a hard working, business (wo)man but also as a person who is committed to her/himself and her/his loved ones. You want to give yourself all the chances you deserve for a long, dynamic, successful and radiant life.

You are realizing that you can only keep up with the crazy rhythm of time when you take full charge of your health, as you do with everything you take into your hands. You also realize that health is the completion of a balance between mind, body and soul and that your mind and emotions need just as much attention to function optimally. To trust your body, you want to know how to energize yourself on a constant basis with the right foods, thoughts and exercise: manageable self-care

Being an “eternal student”, you are eager to learn and apply knowledge.  You are looking for a way to make yourself “whole” again, to live by example and make big impact on your peer groups. 

What Your Issues Tend To Be

You are suffering from the symptoms of this era, your tight schedule and a hasty lifestyle, the pressure of performing at high levels, the stress of cooping with many things at the same time. Your plate is full, you feel as if juggling and keeping all your balls up in the air is taking all of your time. Your career, your ambitions, your relationships, your perception of a fulfilling life, beauty and your health itself: they are all connected but somehow you lost this connection.

Even though you are successful, under the surface you feel as if you are falling apart while you are trying to keep up the appearances. The energy you once had is replaced by fatigue, hitting at the most inconvenient moments. You feel like you have nothing left to give from within, working very long hours, evenings, weekends just to get things off of your to do list. You are burning out.

You have been gaining weight lately and are feeling uncomfortable with it but can’t get it off. Health issues are popping up and keeping you under your potentials. You got off track with your healthy intentions because you lack the time to figure out what and how. You try to put your health aspirations into practice but always get trapped in the fast food culprit. Actually, you are crossing many lines: physically, mentally and emotionally, ignoring alarming body signals to still give the best of yourself because you are a professional no matter what and you “can’t” stop working. You don’t understand what is happening to you lately and have no idea how to change it. Oh, and you don’t have “time.” 

What You Want The Most

You are longing for the clarity, focus and creative productivity you are known for. You want to get clear on your purpose again and live it with integrity and authenticity. You are longing for that youthful feeling, that energized and fit body that kept you going in your younger days, that made you move mountains and achieve your goals with glance. You desire the excitement that comes with new dreams. You want to feel the energy of living in alignment with what you do and whom you are. You want to be the best version of yourself because that is what you are all about: delivering the best of yourself. You want to replenish yourself, create downtime and space for your personal development and to expand your horizons, to be thoughtful of your health, feel in charge again so you can make a difference with whatever you do and the way you show up for your clients. You just want to enjoy your work and life, find your right balance, feel fit, healthy and happy. 

What You Need The Most Right Now

Performing at the top calls for a top condition! High performance can only be delivered with a healthy body and a balanced mind.

This is the right time to review your diet, create healthy habits and make the changes you need, to restore, rejuvenate and recharge yourself fully. “Healing” coordinates all aspects in life. This is why we restore these connections during our work together. 

Eager EllaWe align important organisational and mindset shifts to enable your exponential health, your inner and professional growth. Your focus is on the generation of lasting energy, re-activating your health with raw food and creating your life by design, not by default. I know, your work is important to you but there is more to life than being in the ropes 24/7. You need balance. 

To put your health back on track and to upgrade your performance capacities, you actually have to fuel your body with the right foods, create adequate support systems, remove yourself from daily excuses, get out of your own way and organize yourself in a way your new lifestyle becomes a breeze and frees up time to enjoy life. You are ready to take the necessary action you need for maximum results because you only want the best for yourself. It’s all about creating your health plan, and than WORKING the plan consistently, so you can generate the energy that enables you to be the best version of yourself, every day.

At the same time, it is important for us to look at your work and life, how it is (dis)connected and set up for your personal success. Next, it is all about stating specific goals and creating the mindset, the focus and accountability you need to move your health forward quickly, yet comfortably, so you finally feel the results of a healthy lifestyle reflected in all areas of your life. To make this all happen, regular guidance and private mentoring are crucial. This is why I designed a program that meets all your needs and wishes. 

The  program you will thrive in…

Ravishing Raw FooDprint Success System™

This high quality program is designed with great care and understanding, delivering high value every step of the process. As a Private Access VIP Coaching Program, it includes exclusive personal access to me during 3 to 6 months of  focused coaching, weekly accountability and ongoing caring support. My mission is to help you generate sustainable energy that allows you to feel in top condition on the long term, to activate your happiness and vibrancy, to maximize your productivity. Nothing is left up to “coincidence” as the steps we go through together are carefully designed for your success. Yet there is always space for what comes up at that moment, for improvization based on a strong foundation: knowledge and experience.

The system in my program allows you to reconnect to the three different areas in your life -health, work, life- with the three areas that represent you as a person – mind, body, spirit. Simply said: our focus is on eliminating toxins such as bad foods, stress, overwhelm and replacing them by vivid energy, vitality, vibrancy so you can live your purpose, perform with elegancy and power, deliver the quality that people expect from you as a professional.

Are you excited by what you can change in your life by changing the way you take care of yourself? I warmly invite you for a free chat with me over a cup of tea (you can bring your coffee) to see what’s possible for you.

Not sure yet if you want to get started with private coaching? Here are a few other options you can explore:

  1. Experience how you can elevate your energy by making only ONE small change to your day. Give me your name and email address and I will send you 5 videos during 5 days with exact tactics on how to build up your energy. Each video is accompanied by a beautiful handout with recipe and shopping list!
  2. And of course you can enjoy all the information I have up here. Especially designed for YOU, who is getting started and want all the information and ravishing recipes in one place!

Schedule your free discovery call here to get acquainted with me and to explore how I can help you.

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