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Being an entrepreneur myself I know so well how easily health challenges slip into life as a professional. At first almost unnoticeable. It shows up in lack of energy, putting the alarm on “snooze” four, five times instead of jumping out of bed, not waking up rested but fatigued. Two quick coffees on an empty stomach as breakfast, another one when you arrive at the office, a hasty sandwich or bagel on top. You can’t focus, your mood is swinging as are your energy levels, your to do list is staring at you, growing exponentially because lately you simply can’t thick off much. Even if you are working hard, all you seem to do is  just keeping up with the bills. You want to be the high achiever, high performer you have in mind but you can barely keep up with the rhythm it takes. You are running but you can’t move. I know the feeling so well. If you are at this point:


… and ask yourself for a moment what sustainable energy for high performance means to you, how it can differentiate you from the person you are right now. Maybe it is…
  • the ability to work less and get more done
  • the possibility of having time to yourself after a working day
  • the opportunity of creating a life besides your profession again
  • being more successful with your brilliancy
  • having the feeling that you can trust your body, rely on your mind when you need it on crucial moments
  • feeling charged and IN charge of your day
  • feeling healthy, balanced, looking young and in shape
  • feeling happier
  • having higher self esteem, more confidence
If these thoughts trigger a “Yes!” inside of you, you are in the right place. I help people like you to achieve these goals and more!

Dick Oatts

“For the past 50 years my food diet has been the “I see it and eat it” diet. It worked okay during my younger years because of high metabolism and lots of testosterone. After 4 children, a couple divorces, thousands of days traveling or touring, financial disasters, sickness and chronic fatigue, my weight gain was 40-50 pounds. I had severe sleep Apnea and was using a C-Pap machine every night to help regulate my breathing so I could sleep more soundly.  Because of my 3 professions– father, professor and working musician, I had no time and just gave up and ate foods that would conveniently fill me temporarily. My family’s health issues are Stroke and Heart attacks (bad blood circulation).  After having a stroke in my right eye ( I know!!— I’ve never heard of a stroke in your eyes, but it does happen),  I could see the writing on the tombstone unless I tried to “man-up” and do the right thing for my kids and career — lose weight and stay alive.

After trying several approaches to dieting, I settled on one that fit my lifestyle and was easy to keep up and maintain. I was doing a 2 week tour in Belgium and looked up the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra’s European coordinator, Marie-Claire Hermans. My dear friend and musical colleague, Douglas Purviance,  had spoke volumes of praise for Marie-Claire’s approach to Raw foods.  It was inspirational to see how Mr. Purviance has lost the weight but more inspirational to see how his whole persona had changed with it. Since I work with Douglas regularly, he gave me short explanation of what he’d done but highly suggested that I contact Marie-Claire for clarification and the right plan for me.  I did just that and just 10 months later, I have the energy I had in my 20s. My concentration and focus have improved immensely. I have lost almost 40 pounds and my blood flow is so much better. My joints don’t ache and I got rid of my C-pap machine a couple months of eating raw. I have found that Eating Raw is not just a diet but a way of life.

After Eating Raw for 11 months,  everything Marie-Claire had said would happen, has happened. Her coaching technique is encouragingly individual. Through her own experiences and with other people,  she was able to understand the type of person I am and the type of schedule I have to keep in order to maintain my active lifestyle. I am 60 years old and I need and want to work for another 20 years.  My only hope is eating raw.  Marie-Claire has tailor-fit a new style of food intake to insure that I can at least give it my best shot. She has been amazingly supportive and through her experience, knowledge and web site, I am never alone or on my own  totally.  She is always there for guidance. 

I would like to highly recommend Eating Raw to anyone,  no matter what their weight or lifestyle might be into. GO RAW!”

Dick Oatts / Saxophone – Professor of Jazz Studies – Boyer College of Music & Dance –  Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

What is your situation right now? What are your challenges?

You have been working so hard that there has been no time left for yourself. Yet, that is where your source for inspiration, creativity and productivity lies. You have been neglecting your body, your health. You gained weight little by little but are at a point now that it is claiming your health, your good looks, your condition. And of course, your energy. You love what you are doing but lately you feel out of alignment with your personal life. The connection is lost somehow. You want to restore the balance between your work, your life and your health. 

Are you…

Overwhelmed by your expanding to do lists and life that happens in between? Overeating to stuff the emotions that have come up lately? Feeling frustrated because your body isn’t doing what you expect it to do? Trying to lose the extra weight by skipping meals? Charging your energy with soft drinks, sugar, carbs, caffeine drinks? Working overtime to move out of the first quadrant of continuous emergencies?

Or are you feeling drained, physically, mentally, emotionally? Not knowing how to make positive changes or where to start because you simply don’t know what you don’t know? So you have been doing all kinds of things without any results or just temporarily results. You have been dieting but couldn’t hold on. You started exercising but ran empty during every training. 

Are you worrying about your health, if you will be able to hold much longer if you keep going like this? Are you dreaming of some time off but you can’t stop because you have to pay the bills and have a tight schedule? Is the pressure weighing on you? Are you working even harder and longer hours because you have been slowing down and your productivity has dropped dramatically? Are you starting to feel anxious and insecure about your future, how to go on?  Are you losing sense of direction in your life? Is a good laugh becoming rare? Are you wishing that your life was different? That things would be more simple again? Are you afraid to miss out on what is really essential in life? Have you lost your happiness on the way to your success? Are you afraid to lose your dream? To end up numbed in routine?

I am specialised in helping professionals like you to overcome these challenges! 

Grammy Winner Douglas Purviance

I am Douglas Purviance, Grammy winning producer, author and musician who helps world class jazz orchestras increase their income streams. I have been a client of Marie Claire and Ravishing Raw for over 4 years. It has been a life changing experience. I came from being pre-diabetic, constantly tired and stressed to vibrant health and being a high performer in my everyday life!

My blood work is consistently great thanks to Marie-Claire’s guidance and inspiration. I highly recommend Marie-Claire and I do to all my friends who now want to know how my life and health has changed so much!” 

Douglas Purviance, Producer, Orchestra Manager of the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Musician

What does it take to play on high levels? A top condition!

Maybe you feel you are doing pretty well but you want to take your health and productivity up to a higher level so you can accelerate your success. 

This too, is something I can help you with. Sometimes you need someone who challenges you to step out of your comfort zone where nothing can change, to explore new possibilities. I help you discover new opportunities to create lasting energy that takes you to the top with a top condition! High performance starts with radiant health and that is what I can give you by going through all the strategies and practical know how with you so you can own your health. With what you learn, you can achieve your boldest dreams, your highest goals. 

Maybe you want more energy to tour all over the world with your music, to organize a huge festival, to get new contracts. Or maybe you want to look extra good for your clients, your gigs, your teaching video’s, your performances. No matter what your goal is, I am here to help you achieve them by giving you everything you need to build the fundaments for your vitality and focused presence. 

Bart Roman – Club Owner & Festival Organizer

“Hi Marie-Claire, first of all I want to thank you… I am truly a total different person, physically and mentally! I can hardly believe this! Energy, power, productive, friendly, less mood swings, I feel like eating healthy… INCREDIBLE! It also feels so different when everybody tells you all of a sudden: “Hey, YOU are looking so happy and healthy!” (After 1 week of coaching)

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a manager, a performing artist, this coaching program is for YOU!

This program will help you…
  • to create clarity in your health, work and life
  • get results fast and enjoy life again
  • resolve obstacles and work on what keeps you stuck
  • feel empowered on a continuous basis
  • stay on track with your short and long term goals
  • work towards them with concrete action steps
  • live in alignment with yourself, your work, your vision on life
  • build up strong fundaments for radiant health 
  • feel charged with sustainable energy
  • feel happier, emotionally free, confident, healthy every day
Work is not everything. This is why I also help you with life issues that withhold you from being who or where you want to be!
You will achieve all the above goals with my close accountability and caring support, with everything I teach you step by step!
If you are ready to elevate your energy, to lose weight without dieting, to excel your inner leader and be the best version of yourself  in your profession and life, click here to reserve your FREE 30 minute chat with me. Let’s see what is possible for you and how I can help.


Ragnhild Nordrum “I have learned how I can help myself, not just with food, but with everything in life.” When I first met Marie-Claire, I was in the middle of my pregnancy. I have always been very interested in health and nutrition, but also struggled with a horrible binge problem. For the past few years I’ve been into raw food, I love how it makes me feel and I’m an ethnic vegan. Well, even though I wanted to live as a raw vegan, my disordered eating made it really hard for me. I’ve tried to get out of the starve/binge circle for years and years, but I could never make it stop. A friend of mine introduced me to Marie-Claire, and I’m for ever thankful for that. I was desperate to get my eating right, and stop binging. I knew my baby needed me to feed myself right, both during pregnancy and now while breastfeeding. And even more important, I want to be a good role model for him when he would be growing up. Marie-Claire has helped me in so many ways, and I can now proudly say that I have not binged in over 3 months- and that has never ever happened before. Marie-Claire has taught me techniques to make me strong when the urge to binge comes up, she has helped me stay focused, and I have learned how I can help myself- not just with food, but with everything in life. I’m still working with completely trusting myself, my body, hunger, everything. But with the techniques I have learned, I get closer each and every day. And I’m not afraid of myself anymore. I don’t fear to binge, and now that this fear is gone, I am so much stronger, more positive and many times as happy as I used to be. I’m also the healthiest I’ve ever been, almost all raw (I eat some steamed veggies, warm veggie soup etc. when I feel like it- maybe a couple of times a month), and my cravings for binge-food is all gone. And all this thanks to the wonderful wonderful Marie-Claire. Her energy and kindness makes it so easy to talk with her and to trust her, and she has so much knowledge. I’m so grateful for having her in my life. She has helped me more than I think anyone could. Ragnhild Nordrum – Norway

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