The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush

Your health is the foundation of your work and life. Especially when you are a busy professional, you want to approach your health strategically. Plan your steps to high end energy and better health into your calendar and create a self management routine. Start cleansing and clearing out the gunk that you stored in your liver and gallbladder for years. Scared? Listen to how I plan it into my professional life and got over my fear.

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Charge Your Body’s Battery

Have you checked your oil lately? Your body's battery? If not, it's time to find out why you are feeling sluggish, why you avoid the stairs, why you are gaining weight. Stop measuring your pool's water for a moment, start alkalizing your own: the blood...

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Elevate Your Energy!

I created an experience for you that will help you elevate your energy in 5 days. I know that you are busy, so I took one small, unhealthy habit in your day and replaced that with a healthy one. Ready? Enter your email address and get started today!

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Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are living foods: the key to optimal health, a true medicine of nature. Including living foods to your raw food diet is essential to balance your nutrients and to get the most out of your diet, to create a healthy colon and so much more...

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Berry Cheese Cake

A perfect pie when you want to surprise your family and seduce them gently into your raw dishes is this Berry Delight, a cheese cake that no one will say "no" to! Gluten-, lactose- and guilt free for special occasions...

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Secure Your Sleep

The importance of profound sleep is underestimated. Especially when you are a professional, sleep is often what you lack of. You are working long hours, taking your work to bed: if not physically, mentally. What can you do to build in healthy sleep habits so you can recharge your batteries as nature designed you to?

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Rejuvenating Rejuvelac

If you want to restore and rejuvenate your body, this enzyme drink and natural probiotic will help you to get there in a short time. Rejuvelac is one of my favourite beverages in my raw kitchen and a daily support for a healthy colon...

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Start Your Day Green!

Are you lacking energy? Are you having difficulties focusing on your work? Do you wish you could feel in charge of your health? You can! Your body is a computer. It reacts to the information you program it with. This easy strategy can be part of your daily routine and impact your whole life...

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Oooh Christmas Tree…

Christmas can be challenging when you want to serve your family the perfect raw dinner. Let me share 3 tips with you that will make things so much easier and more relaxed, less stressed. Here is what I learned during my raw food journey...

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How To Get Started With Raw Food

Going raw is not as difficult as it seems to be. Once you found your reason why, excitement will take over from your doubts and fear. Simply because eating raw will open new possibilities, a new world, your new YOU...

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