5 Tactics To Strengthen The Immune System

I thought it would be interesting for you if I would share the system I apply every time before traveling long distance. Out of experience I know howTravel_Card challenging crossing time zones can be, especially when you have a big project on the other side of the ocean you want to be at your best for.

So here are my 5 tactics to strengthen your warrior against intruders, starting at least 2 weeks before traveling so you can decrease the risk of going down once you’ve landed (I’ve been there!).
1. Eat a well balanced, raw plant-based diet
When you cook your foods, your body can’t recognize the altered molecular structure and makes your immune system fight your food. When you eat cooked foods every day, your immune system is exhausted once it has to fight real intruders such as the germs and viruses you picked up in the airplane. How to turn that around?
  • Make sure to eat or at least increase your amount of fresh organic vegetables, fruits and sprouts to optimize your digestive system. Your immune system needs good digestion to stay strong.
  • Add more fermented foods: they deliver loads of alive enzymes that maximize your digestion and so, save your precious energy for yourself.
2. Lower your stress levels by organizing and preparing in time
With each long distance travel ahead and projects abroad, stress raises right away. There’s just SO much to do and but so much time… This is exactly why it’s good to:
  • start looking a month ahead at the (big) things that come up, what needs to be done to relax while you are gone
  • map out every step
  • add them to your calendar so you can keep your stress levels to a minimum

Don’t wait till the last minute so you can stay cool. Stress wears out your immune system!


3. Improve your amount and quality of sleep
That’s a tough one for me too: I love the late hours, the quiet. But every time I pay attention to applying these tactics, my sleep improves quickly.
  • Start going to bed earlier, at least 2 weeks before take off. You do need 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep to restore cell damage and load up your batteries
  • The most important hours in the restoring process are between 10pm and 2am
  • Make sure to sleep in a completely dark room and you will release the hormone melatonin that secures your sleep for the rest of the night
4. Drink enough water
The most simple things are the ones we forget the soonest when we get busy. Drinking enough water is one of them. Yet, keeping your water levels up to the 70% your body is made of, is essential. Dehydration slows down all your body’s functions and systems, immune system included.
  • Drink half of your body weight per day (Europe: weight in kg. x 3 : 100= amount of Liters per day)
5. Exercise 30 minutes a day: keep that lymph moving!
It only takes 30 minutes a day of your time to activate the 75% of liquids in your body that helps you fight intruders and removes toxins: your lymph fluid. By moving, walking, exercising, you are activating that flow as this system doesn’t have a motor. You become the motor by moving. Exercise increases the strength of your immune system.
Combining these 5 tactics will help you to feel at your best and energized while crossing time zones and enable you to get over the jetlag sooner, to override the stress that every travel causes to the body and mind.
Safe travels!
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