Oooh Christmas Tree…

Christmas can be challenging when you want to serve your family the perfect raw dinner. Let me share 3 tips with you that will make things so much easier and more relaxed, less stressed. Here is what I learned during my raw food journey...

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How To Get Started With Raw Food

Going raw is not as difficult as it seems to be. Once you found your reason why, excitement will take over from your doubts and fear. Simply because eating raw will open new possibilities, a new world, your new YOU...

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Liver Gallbladder Flush

My new stones collection... Cleansing your body's filters is key for optimal health. This is the result of my first real liver and gallbladder flush after 55 years of mainly eating healthy, since 4 years raw...

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Ravishing Raw on “Telefacts”

Today, I was featured in a Belgian Television News Magazine, "Telefacts" on VTM about raw food. Even if I am catching a lot of wind now, this is a first step of many more to come. A review of a new, exciting experience...

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Açai Anti-Ageing Smoothie

The colder it gets, the more Açai I tend to use and it has been helping me to get through winter without colds or flu ever since. Here is my filling, tasty formula delivering extreme stamina...

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Tools For Traveling Raw

Traveling by car gives you all the options to take whatever you want to stay raw on a vacation. But what if you are traveling with restricted weight by airplane? Which tools can you take to back up your healthy lifestyle and travel confident?

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Travel Raw

So, you booked your ticket and set your mind on staying raw during traveling. Wonderful! But now what? How can you restrict your upcoming jet lag to a minimum? What foods can you take?

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Juice Fasting

How lovely it is to see how people are enjoying the cleanse of their life. I am saying "life" because after gathering with my group of "juicers" twice to exchange experiences and to inaugurate them into the second phase, I can see how committed and persistent they are in doing this right.

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Sap je slank & gezond

Sapvasten komt hoe langer hoe meer onder de aandacht van een groter publiek. Lees hier meer over de betekenis van sapvasten en waarom de energie van een programma in groep je succes verzekert...

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