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Marie-Claire Hermans started her company “Ravishing Raw” after she cured herself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia with raw food. She outsmarted doctors who told her she would never cure, unraveled and studied the body, mind and spirit, their connection and meaning. She invests on a constant basis in her education as a raw food coach, in her own personal growth and in how to be of better service to others with her valuable expertise.

What distinguishes Marie-Claire from other coaches is, that she specializes in working with people who are struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia. She helps them understand their condition, the systems that feed the illness and how to strengthen their body so it can heal itself. 

Out of her experience as a manager and booking agent, she is also coaching high performing jazz musicians, actors and singers who are challenged by their demanding lifestyle and who want to resolve the health issues they are facing.

Both groups are suffering from tremendous stress and in need for solutions to increase their energy levels so they can live and perform fully.

By specializing herself in these particular areas, Marie-Claire offers proven and specific step-by-step coaching programs with personalized guidance on how exactly you can improve your health and lifestyle. As a result, those who work with her can feel the difference in only a short time and are able to build up a new life or  find a healthy balance within a busy profession. Her one to one coaching and VIP programs include all of her life and personal experience and skills, from raw food & life guidance to restyling her clients after body- and life changing evolutions.

As a raw food chef, she developed her very own recognizable style by connecting her love for beauty, photography and styling with raw food. She is always looking for news ways to make healthy food look attractive for ever-body. 

Marie-Claire is mother of two adult children and an all-round-woman. Her career was very varied, from remedial education to  performing as a musician, designing, styling in fashion and booking jazz musicians.  She is a manager and entrepreneur. Her passions are her loved ones, helping people, jazz, her double bass, raw food, health, designing, creating, plants, her garden, making people beautiful, writing books and articles, reading, raw food styling & photography and a wide variety of interests from culture, architecture and fashion to jazz music.

Working with Marie-Claire is an enriching experience in the life of her clients because of her no-nonsense approach, the energy she creates with her coaching and her total dedication to those who truly commit to their health and life.

You would like to know more? You can contact Marie-Claire with your coaching request via email at marieclaire@ravishingraw.com. If you would like to start up your raw food lifestyle, this website bundles all the information you need in one place. Enjoy your time here!

You can read Marie-Claire’s story here and follow her online @ Facebook Fan Page

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Dear Sister Goddess Marie Claire,
I was looking for a sign and here your newsletter appeared.
Ha ha ha. I love how that works.
Thank you for this well written article about Goji Berries.
"This is when you start feeling warm, even in winter." This is the missing link to my Raw Food Her-story.
Thank you for BEing a LOVECat and sharing so much.
I am so grateful. I am so blessed.
Wishing you,
Sister GoddessGoddess

Goddess Goddess


"Tried your raw chocolate mousse, and a sorbet, yum! Went to the store and purchased the missing ingredients, happily I had most of the ingredients for the recipes of yours that I wanted to try. Thank you for such wonderful insight and the 3 day raw e-book! I need a better blender!"

Lori VanScoter

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