Cut The Mental Crap

What does “energy” mean to you? What is eating your energy in an average day? 

Share below with me what you would be able to do with an unlimited source of energy.

What do you do when you find a bad apple in your fruit basket? You remove it. But what with the bad apple in your basket of inner thoughts and outer influences, the apple that spoils the freshness and brightness in your work and life?

In this weeks episode, I am sharing

  • why it is so essential to cut out the mental & emotional crap that shows up in your work and life
  • what the 2 crap sources are that influence your energy on a daily basis
  • how you create your reality
  • how you can change your reality with just one switch
  • 3 simple tactics to get started with today

Eating (high) raw is not just about making healthy choices in your diet. Once you cut out the crap from your plate, you want to take it a step further and remove the crap from your mental and emotional plate. This combination is so powerful that it will change your life in record time.


  1. Avoid 
    • Step away from all the negative influences in your life
    • Step away from people who are always nagging, who always have a negative remark on what you say or do.
    • List the people you lose your energy to when you are with them
    • Spend less -or no- time with.
  2. Attract
    • Spend more time with positive people, with people who are up your ladder.
    • List the people whom you feel great with, that improve your mood, who challenge you in a constructive way.
    • Spend more time with them.
  3. Amend
    • Look around -or make pictures- in your house, office, street and observe what upsets, irritates, distracts you.
    • Declutter and clean the space(s) you spend most of your time in.
    • Create your own sacred space where you are allowed to have the quiet you need for creative thinking.
    • Can’t take the place you live in anymore? Move!

Thank you so much for listening! Did you get value from what I just shared with you? You can do me a favour and let your friends and colleagues know how important your energy is by leaving your thoughts below.

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