High Performance On Raw Food

That raw food can make the difference in your life may seem a bold statement. But first let me ask you a few questions.

Do you sometimes struggle with your weight, health and work?

Is it difficult for you to make healthy choices in your diet and life?

Do you wish you could generate high performance energy without effort?

If your answer is “Yes!”, we need to talk because you are challenged by the consequences of a busy professional life without a gap for healthy habits. Coffee as breakfast, sandwiches or hamburgers on the go, a quick pizza slice in between, more loads of coffee to get a kick whenever your body shuts down, a brownie or muffin on top, a junky take out between meetings or performances, stress, restless nights, sleepy days. It doesn’t have to be like this at all.

With my background as a booking agent and European coordinator for a world class jazz orchestra, I have experienced how challenging the lifestyle of a high performer is. During my travels with them, I shared their struggles with food on trains, planes and automobiles. Yet, as true professionals they always give the best of themselves on stage, even after day long travels, lack of sleep and jet lags. But at what price and…   

How much longer?

Entrepreneurs, managers, musicians, artists mostly have the same common denominators: poor health. Often they are…

  • overweight or “getting there”
  • fatigued
  • not rested when they wake up
  • looking tired
  • feeling drained
  • struggling with muscle and joint pains
  • not able to focus anymore
  • distracted on important moments
  • anxious
  • having mood swings
  • irritated quickly
  • fearful for their future

Do you ever think of yourself as a top athlete?

Top performances call for top condition. Do you have a top condition? Performing on a high level daily takes a clear focus, an upgraded mindset and last but not least, an energised body. Dr. Ann Wigmore, one of the most important pioneers of the raw food movement hit the nail on the head. She said:

“Eat dead foods and you will look dead.

Eat alive foods and you will feel alive!”

 So simple, yet so difficult. Because it takes that life changing decision. After that, it takes action. Not even mentioning the daily commitment. Yet you know:

This is exactly what I need and want!

  • A healthy body I can rely on
  • Great looks
  • Uplifting energy
  • Clarity
  • An upgraded mindset that moves me forward to my goals and purpose
  • A strong focus to deliver the highest quality
  • Pride for what I accomplish
  • Happiness in what I do and who I am

Replacing dead by alive foods and a healthy lifestyle does all of this. It doesn’t even take that long before the first changes appear. As soon as new energy is being generated and you feel the proof yourself, your new diet becomes the foundation of a new life, the generator of success, clarity, zest for whatever it is you do.

If this is what you want, I would love to sit down with you, have a chat with you to see if we are a good fit and if I can help you. Email me at marieclaire@ravishingraw.com so we can schedule our acquaintance call.

Your health is only one decision away and I am here to be of service to you, to help you succeed in being the best version of yourself. Every day.


High Performance Coach & Raw Food Chef

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