Fasting For Focus

Spring is back, but are you ready to enjoy it? How can you clear out that sluggish cocoon feeling, that tired and heavy feeling behind your eyes, that tension in your forehead, the extra winter pounds, that dry uncomfortable skin? Are you up to clearing out what is slowing you down?

In this episode I am talking about how you can create more focus by clearing out the sluggishness of winter in your body, mind and in your environment.

Ultimate health is not generated from food only, but from uniting the several key areas in your life. Ultimate health can be achieved when you master the art of being in balance with your food, yourself, your work, your relationships, your environment.

I am taking you through 3 principles of fasting on juices:

  1. Clarity
  2. Cleanness
  3. Caring Self-Love

You will learn how to…

  • get started with the concept of fasting
  • fast while you are busy
  • fast for focus

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Cheers to your health!



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