Marie-Claire’s Story

I became seriously ill in 2005. I had very worrying symptoms which got worse rapidly. While I was working more and more hours I started visiting doctors with my complaints. I had all my organs tested, Lyme, and Multiple Sclerosis but every doctor told me the same thing; “It is all between your ears! Take some anti-depressives and you will be fine.” I resisted, rebelled, made lists with my symptoms and asked for new tests.

My body totally crashed in December 2005: I had to stop working because I couldn’t even walk anymore. It took me another year to hear that I did have Lyme disease (all that precious time lost!), a total burnout, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Tietze. I was treated for Lyme disease with Ortho molecular methods; drips with “Dioxychloride”. I felt like dying for two years, was living completely isolated on the sofa and in my small room. The only window on the world was my computer where I started doing research. I could feel more was going on but no one believed me. I was too stubborn they said, and had to believe what the doctors told me. I didn’t.

I had to follow therapy to accept my new body, powerless, weak, not being able to follow the stimuli of my brains. I didn’t want to accept. I wanted to fight and cure for that is what I had promised myself; “I WILL CURE!”. I ate very consciously, all in function of getting better, combining my food to spare my stomach and intestines. I had Candida but wasn’t told at that moment. My body rejected all the things that were bad for me in a natural way and I listened. I cut all sugars, ate more and more vegetables and fruit although I was a vegetarian for years already.

My therapist, suffering from Addison himself, referred me to his neurosurgeon and orthopedist in Brussels. I was totally exhausted, hardly able to drive. But there he was; my saving angel. He believed me instantly, tested me over an hour, subscribed me for several new muscle and nerve tests and an MRI of my back and neck. I was diagnosed with Poly Neuritis (infection of all  my nerves, central nerve system) and Myelitis. (infection of the spine marrow). I was constantly in unbearable pain and often paralyzed since years.

I had to wear a hard plastic neck brace 24/7 for four months and was put on cortisone to heal the infection. I had no choice and committed myself to this treatment because all the pieces of my puzzle fell into place the minute I heard my  new diagnoses After the treatment he told me how relieved he was that I got through. I was cured he said, from Poly Neuritis and Myelitis. Now re-validation started. I was about 20 % of the woman I once was. Coming from 2% this was a great number. He told me I could become 80% again. A long way to go but not dying anymore!

I still had to fight Fibromyalgia and was struggling with fatigue and constant pain. I started Bikram Yoga because I still couldn’t make my own body temperature and felt better already after four sessions! It was the only exercise that wouldn’t drain my body but allowed me to keep my energy with me. By that time I was told by another doctor, specialized in  CFS and food, to completely change my diet. I had to eat meat twice a day to build up my muscles again, leave out all gluten and follow a plan according to my metabolic type. I couldn’t. I couldn’t eat meat although I tried because I was prepared to do anything to cure. Neither did I know what to eat, except for a copy out of a book I had received no information. I bought the book where the copy came from and it was saying to eat 50% of all vegetables raw. This is where I was at when someone at Bikram Yoga told me I should eat 100% raw. This was the first time I heard about raw food.

Back home I started an intensive search on what raw food was and what it could do for me. I knew immediately this was it! My AHA moment! I started that same day and went 100% raw overnight. After ten days I noticed; “Hey, I have no pain!” Three months later I could stay up all day long, I wasn’t punished anymore when I vacuumed the sofa, I could build up energy, walk up the stairs without pain. My body went from extremely acid to alkaline and got the power to start healing itself.

I am raw now since almost two years and cured my Fibromyalgia. The last test was negative and my doctor said; “Well, it couldn’t be Fibromyalgia then because you can’t cure that illness.” Yes I can!

I am still having certain issues which will take time to recover. My brains didn’t have enough oxygen for five years and it has its consequences on my memory and learning abilities. But this too will cure. I became myself again, which is more than I could imagine when I was very ill.  One forgets how it feels to not feel your body for a minute…

I am seeing myself as the living proof that raw food is alive food which can bring you alive. It has many healing properties and a power house of energy. It is my mission to bring my experiences and knowledge to the world, to tell everybody who is going through hell that there is hope. If it won’t cure you totally, it will surely uplift your health to higher levels every day you add raw food to your diet.

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