Why Raw?

There are many reasons to eat raw and every reason is a good reason. Simply because raw food contains all the best and most valuable nutrients you ever had. Eating raw will focus you, sharpen your concentration, soften your skin, make your eyes shine, enrich your soul and make you feel whole. Choosing a raw lifestyle takes you back to the roots of your existence, your pure essence and the fundamental principles of all life: nature. And yourself! Here are some of the great benefits you will experience when you eat raw for a while.


  1. Your body is composed of about 70% water. All those fruits and vegetables that you reduce will hydrate you throughout the day and make it easier for you to maintain a good moisture level. After a few weeks you will receive nice compliments from people, saying that you are looking so good. “Who, me?”
  2. Your body detoxifies in a natural way, releasing its toxins and heavy metals slowly.
  3. Not only your body is cleansing: your whole personality and surrounding is. Your kitchen was never so tidy!
  4. You have more energy than you can remember.
  5. You are receiving all the building blocks for a healthy life.
  6. No more dips after eating but a renewing boost to continue your busy day. All this is thanks to the enzymes which remain intact and are now available for digestion instead of for creating enzymes for digestion. This means that your body doesn’t have to do overtime and can hold its power for you!
  7. All vitamins, minerals and proteins are still alive and make you revive and alive. You don’t need any supplements, except for vitamin B12, recommended in each vegan diet.
  8. You’re no longer ‘undernourished’, but ‘well-fed’.
  9. Malaise feelings disappears, like slumbering annoying complaints of which doctors say that “nothing can be done.”
  10. Your skin is tighter, your eyes gleam, you get the ‘glow’ that make you look younger and feel youthful.
  11. Your nails and hair grow faster, they shine and make you look healthy.
  12. You rejuvenate from the inside, and you can feel this on every level!
  13. You become more sensitive and enjoy sex more than you have in a while.
  14. Your mind is focused, your memory sharpened, your thoughts clear, your concentration better.
  15. On the other hand you are experiencing mental rest, and you feel the need to develop your personality in many different ways.
  16. You will discover new, open choices and possibilities in your life and feel like going for it now!
  17. You are eating less without effort and yes, your favorite dress, those slick pants are fitting again! And do you know this one; “Eat less, live longer?
  18. You can eat whatever you want without guilt. Yep, even chocolate, cake, desserts, but wait until you know what exactly and how to make it!
  19. Have you been suffering from yo-yo effects of many unhealthy diets? You don’t have to think about losing weight anymore. Simply forget about it, eat and live healthy and set your mind free. Your overweight will melt away naturally!
  20. Dieting is now laying in the past! Because you have exchanged junk food for a healthy lifestyle. It’s as simple as that.
  21. If you weigh too little, you will come to a healthy weight that is right for you. Raw food balances your body completely.
  22. Your blood and cells are renewed, strengthened.
  23. Your sight, taste and sense of smell are improving: your senses are sharpened.
  24. You get the chance to kick off of your emotional food addictions and therefore are feeling better. The circle is broken and you are set free!
  25. Raw food supports your body during illness and makes it stronger so it can heal itself.
  26. The risks for chronic diseases, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease decrease. Your immune system is strengthening. Bye bye colds and flu!
  27. Raw dishes can be very simple, fast and delicious. AND you don’t have to know how to cook!
  28. No more burned pots and pans.
  29. You have you have never felt so good!
  30. You are simply a new, better, more beautiful, younger looking and healthier person.
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