Private Workshops

A workshop is a great way to learn a lot in a short time. A personalized workshop is a formula which will benefit you even more. Why? Because you will have all of my attention and I can go deeper into your questions.

Which possibilities can you choose from?

“Ravishing Raw For Life”

This is a five hour long workshop during which I will introduce you to the art of making raw food. I will inaugurate you to what raw food can mean for your body and life, how you can motivate yourself and stay motivated. A practical part will follow to demonstrate how easy, fast and delicious raw food can be. You will learn how to replace the daily foods to avoid by healthy and lovely choices. A life changing personalized workshop!

Ravishing Raw For Life
Ravishing Raw For Life
This personalized workshop of five hours is totally coordinated to your needs and questions related to going and staying raw. Prices available after personal contact.

“My Ravishing Raw Kitchen”

When you decide to enter into a raw food lifestyle you will have to reorganize your kitchen. But how? What do you need to be successful? What does your raw pantry contain? How can you build it up?

I will help you to transform your cooked kitchen into a raw kitchen in which you will love uncooking, spend time to experiment, discover new talents and a exciting culinary world.

This is a five hour long reorganization of your kitchen at your place. We will go through your cupboards together, the equipment and the foods you have and talk about what you need to stay high (or totally) raw. I will guide you through the steps you need to take by teaching you all about sprouting seeds, growing grasses and dehydrating food to create a stock on which you can always rely.

My Ravishing Raw Kitchen
My Ravishing Raw Kitchen
A rawganized kitchen is your guarantee to being ravishing raw. This is an intense five hour long guided reorganization with immediate visible results. Prices available after personal contact.

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Dear Sister Goddess Marie Claire,

I was looking for a sign and here your newsletter appeared.
Ha ha ha. I love how that works.
Thank you for this well written article about Goji Berries.
"This is when you start feeling warm, even in winter." This is the missing link to my Raw Food Her-story.

Thank you for BEing a LOVECat and sharing so much.
I am so grateful. I am so blessed.

Wishing you,
Sister GoddessGoddess

Goddess Goddess


Thank you, Marie-Claire of Ravishing Raw!!! I am so delighted to say that I'm back on track and feeling awesome about rawsome.
She offers a free eBook with a step-by-step guide for going 'Raw for 3 Days' when you sign up for her newsletter. I had a really good feeling about her and so I signed up. It was the best decision!!

Complete with menus and checklists for 3 days of easy recipes, along with photos on each step and what your meals should look like - I'm in Heaven! Yes, finally I found someone who knows what easy means!

Kiernan Antares

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