“Raw For 3 Days!” Masterclass

Ever considered that you can influence many people around you, just by making one change? Just by changing something in your diet, in your lifestyle, something that makes you look and feel so good that it is noticed by others. Ever considered that by changing yourself, you can cause a ripple effect towards your loved ones, your colleagues, your friends?  Who are again, the center of a new wave? Let’s do something with this amazing ripple effect and use the positive vibration of one change. How?


This is where it all starts: with yourself. You can’t change your partner, your child, your friend. But you can be their wake up call by being your change. You can make a difference to their life by taking one action step yourself, by being an inspiration to others. This is how you can spread your message, your passion, no matter what it is. 



It is simple. Be the center of the action. Maybe you already downloaded my free eBook Raw For 3 Days!” and felt the difference of eating nutritious food. Three days only take very few effort and yet, they can make all the difference in the world when you felt the power in food and the effect it had on your body and spirit. Because let’s admit, raw food is life-saving and -changing!

Did you receive flattering comments when you were (I hope, still are!) eating raw? Did people ask you what you are doing to look that great? Doesn’t your doctor say: “Whatever it is you are doing, keep doing it!”? Don’t your colleagues complement you on your new looks, your flat belly, your tight skin, your alive and younger appearance? Don’t they tell you: “I wanna do what you are doing”?  Yes? This is where this concept starts. With you

If you didn’t yet, no worries. You still can! If you feel that …

  • you have to do something about your health, your weight, your body
  • you want to become more conscious about your food before it is too late
  • you want to prevent possible illness, boost your immune system
  • you want to change your perception of food, break with addiction, emotional eating
  • you want to live differently but don’t have a clear view on your purpose yet, you feel clogged and cluttered
… but you are hesitating because you are alone in this journey. Hesitate no longer, decide this very moment and set up a plan for yourself and the people around you of whom you know they feel the same. This is the concept… 

… together you can do more!

Be the First Ripple


Create your Ravishing Raw Community in 3 steps

  1. Challenge a minimum of 5 people, maximum 10: invite them to download my eBook for free
  2. Join my “Raw For 3 Days Masterclass” and divide the price by the number of people who are joining you
  3. Set a starting date with me via email and forward me the addresses of your community members


  1. 3 kicking live masterclasses: 1 before we start to get you prepared, 2 on the first day and 3 on the last day
  2. First class information about everything you want to know to get started with raw food
  3. Techniques to create your delicious raw meals
  4. Answers to your questions (open Q & A call is included every time)
  5. Inspiration, guidance and support during those 3 days
  6. The wonderful occasion to do this as a community instead of alone
  7. Energy from my food and from your vibrating community


€285 – Appr. $377


Let’s make this ripple effect now!


If you are still doubting, think of the price you will have to pay for not eating and living healthy NOW.

  • Doctor bills
  • Medication
  • Expensive supplements
  • Hospitals and numerous tests
  • The long hours you have to wait in doctors rooms and hospitals
  • The time you won’t be able to spend with your friends or children because you are ill

Don’t delay your health: tomorrow might be too late! Give yourself and your loved ones the most beautiful gift you can give: health. Everything else flows from there. Love, friendship, fun, money, inner strength.

Eat Raw, Be Ravishing!

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