Raw Food & EFT, A Perfect Duo

When I cured myself of Fibromyalgia with raw food I knew there would never be a way back to where I was, health or diet wise. I was determined to only go forward and become 100% myself again. I didn’t allow myself any excuses to not commit and invest in my health every single day, whatever it would take. Health is a choice you make.  Why let illness take away that choice if you can prevent so?

I have always been very conscious about my food. I was macrobiotic several years and mostly vegetarian since I was 19. I never smoked or drank alcohol. It was a complete surprise to me that my body totally crashed. A surprise? Working 2 full time jobs, sleeping 3 hours a night, raising two teens alone, dealing with extremely difficult life situations. I ignored about every signal in my body. I worked even harder! Until my body stopped me. It said; “And now it is enough!” And that was that. I couldn’t do anything anymore for years and was dying slowly.

It took me several years and 16 doctors to conquer Lyme disease, Candida, Tietze, Neuro Politis, Myelitis,  the total burnout which resulted in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I was completely exhausted from fighting when I cured the last ones myself by eating raw. But I was “cured”!

I wasn’t prepared for the new process that showed up after a while. The process of processing the years you lost, the friends, the social contacts, work, certain abilities. The process of accepting new limits you are experiencing, of learning about new boundaries within yourself. “Oh, I can’t run anymore” or  ”I can’t remember anything about what you just said!”. The things I used to do in a wink now took a lot of time. I couldn’t follow the rhythm of the outside world and hated being slow. Me, who loved working at speed tempo and getting 10 things done at the same time. I had to accept a strange body but well, I wasn’t the type who wants to accept what can be changed. I was convinced I still had a choice and would find what I needed to become the person I loved.

Raw food had changed my life completely by healing my body and creating new opportunities. I became a certified raw food coach and started up my business. Even though I was doing well and I was thrilled by the possibilities of a new life and business I felt as if I still wasn’t the person I once was. Where was that cheerful person who was always laughing and motivating others? Where was that positive attitude others would pull themselves up to? Where was my sparkling spirit? I didn’t recognize my myself anymore. I missed me.

I was wondering what was missing in my food. Proteins? Iron? Antioxidants? Fatty acids? But my diet was so well balanced and my blood test so great! Which foods could I eat to become stronger and re-create the energy I used to have? I felt stuck within myself because I couldn’t pass the level I wanted to reach so badly. I started feeling fatigued and was sad.

Although I already had released a lot of emotional toxins by eating raw, fasting and detoxing intensively, illness had left its shadow over my thoughts. I didn’t like the way I was thinking and I missed my boldness, my self- trust and independent way of thinking. It was not obvious at all to break free of the isolation I had been in for 5 years. Noticing that it was “safe” in that cocoon made me realize that I would never be able to build up my business as I was planning on paper and vision boards. Playing safe wasn’t in my dictionary and yet that’s where I was exactly!

My business made me step out of my comfort zone. My first steps where very scary. I had to gather all my courage to publish my first eZine, my first blog, my first comments on facebook. I had to face my insecurity: “What will they think, what will they say, am I good enough?” Even knowing my capacities, my persistence, my qualities it was hard to believe that I still had those. My life had stood still for years and I now had to find out how to let go of the fear of living again and showing that I was still alive. I guess because I had been prepared for death.

Meeting Lydia Proschinger was the choice I could make. The choice I had no idea of. Oh of course I knew EFT and honestly? I had lost all my trust in therapists who gave up on me because I was hopeless. I wouldn’t accept my illness, no matter what they tried. Such as EFT. I looked at it as a useless trial to make money of harmless people. I was very skeptical towards each therapy that had the smell of “alternative”. Or no, towards all therapists!

Something in Lydia told me it would be different. We met, talked, I sensed her intelligence, her professionalism, her caring attitude and I stepped into her 7 week long VIP coaching program. It was a huge financial challenge for me but I knew that I didn’t want to live with that uncomfortable feeling of not being me ever again. I made the conscious choice to invest in myself and it was the best decision in a long time!

“A lot can happen in 7 weeks” she said at the start and I really had no idea what the hell could make such a big difference in such a short time. I didn’t know what to expect, where it would bring me, what she would do. What I did know was that I was doing the right thing, that I would open myself to what she would suggest and that I would work like crazy to get out of my impasse and make this program my investment worth wild!

As soon as I started implementing Emotional Freedom Techniques in my daily routine in combination with the power of raw food, I felt amazing shifts! The energy that I suspected in my body because of eating raw released itself. I had been building up energy but my thoughts had blocked it all that time. I felt as at the beginning of my raw journey, being able to move mountains. I overcame fears, mistrust, isolation. I stepped out of my cocoon in my first week already, I was able to reach out for help, for people I didn’t know. I was able to climb out of my negative spiral, think positive and really feel the difference in everything I did. I worked hard, did everything Lydia suggested me to do to step out of my comfort zone and be fearless. I started recognizing myself, I let go of old patterns, blocking thoughts and hurt emotions. I let go of the pain, immense sadness. I became myself.

EFT is real. It connected me within and made the missing links. The thought that really struck me was:” I didn’t miss the right food for my body but the right food for my thoughts!”  This was a huge step in my healing process; realizing that I could not longer leave out one part of my body- mind- spirit circle.

Combining two most powerful tools for a healthy life means more power! EFT completes my lifestyle and adds new value to what I am doing. It will help others. I wanted to share this strong duo with everybody who needs and cares about connecting their body, mind and spirit.

Working with Lydia Proschinger was a very attractive idea and voilà, we now are doing this amazing event together in Brussels on October 8 and 9. Lydia introduced me to a health coach in America, Michael Morningstar who already made that same connection raw food-EFT. This is what changed in 7 weeks. I was able to re-create my life, be happy with myself, re-discover and release my strength I thought I had lost, release the stuck energy I built up with raw food  and to step out of my comforting but oh so limiting cocoon.

I am ready to fly!

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Eat to Live & Learn to L.O.V.E

Brussels, Belgium

October 8 & 9

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