Rejuvenating Rejuvelac

Rejuvelac for Rejuvenation

Rejuvelac is my favorite drink! It is comforting at times I long for a tingling feeling on my tongue, an old reminder to bubbles in water or soft drinks. It has a subtle tartness and the character of a soft -but healthy-  lemonade. I always have several bottles in my refrigerator because rejuvelac is packed with life: enzymes!

There is so much to tell about this life lengthening drink. These are only a few of the wonderful benefits.

  • Fermented food is filled with enzymes. Rejuvelac is THE enzyme drink!
  • Enzymes are life lengthening!
  • The pro-biotics help the process of fermentation in foods so yes, you can make your own nut cheese and yogurt easily
  • Rejuvelac is a pre-digested food. This means that proteins are broken down into amino acids and carbohydrates into simple sugars. All nutrients are assimilated very soon after drinking without loss of energy.
  • Drinking rejuvelac helps digestion and is a very effective cure for stomach and colon problems.
  • Use Rejuvelac instead of water in your smoothies and drink some glasses in between meals to cleanse your colon, flush your system and to gain energy.
  • Rejuvelac is a natural pro-biotic: the enzymes help the friendly bacteria such as lactobacillus bifidus to grow.
  • Your colon becomes cleaner by drinking rejuvelac every day: it prevents sludge to collect on the colon walls.
  • The cleaner your colon, the less chance diseases will arise and the healthier you will be.
  • Rejuvelac is a rich source of B vitamins, vitamine E and K.
  • And last but not least: it is very easy and cheap to make!

The only thing rejuvelac needs is time and darkness. So if you like this drink, be sure you start sprouting wheat berries in time. This takes about two days, depending if it’s warm or cold. Same when you ferment the berries: warmth is an important factor; in a hot summer it might be possible you have to halve time and check in every now and then. With a little bit of practice you won’t fall without this healing drink.

There are several ways to make rejuvelac and I always used Dr. Ann Wigmore’s using the berries whole. But a few weeks ago I tried out a basic recipe of “Raw Soul” in New York. They usual blend the berries before the whole fermentation process starts. I was curious what would happen if you combine the two of them, blending after the second time you drain the berries and it worked just as well.

But to start with I will give you the fastest way so you have some results soon and with a higher amount: by blending the berries. This recipe is based on 1 C of sprouted wheat berries. You can double or triple if you want larger amounts easily.

You can experiment with what fruits you put in the rejuvalac. This combination I use to make is a very nice one and will make you think of lemonade.


All you need is:

  • A glass jar or a nut milk bag for the sprouting
  • A big glass container that you can close for the fermentation
  • A blender or hand mixer


  • 1 C of wheat berries
  • Pure water

After two days of sprouting


  • Soak one cup of wheat berries overnight, covered with pure water
  • Next morning: drain and rinse
  • Turn the jar upside down on one side so all the water can drip out and the berries get fresh air
  • Rinse the berries 2 or 3 times a day for about two days
  • When a little ‘tail’ appears, they are ready!

1 Cup of Sprouted Wheat Berries


You will see that after soaking the amount of berries almost doubled. This means you have almost 2 Cups and you can make more than you thought: make a pure jar and a variation with mint and lime or the fruits of your choice for a drink in the evening when you are craving wine or soft drinks.

Blend for five seconds

  • Place 1 C of wheat berries in the blender and add 1 C of water
  • Blend for five seconds

Before adding water, pure Rejuvelac

  • Pour this blend into your big glass jar
  • If you want the rejuvelac pure and simple, only add one gallon of pure water. That’s it!
  • If you want another taste, put layers of lemon, ginger, mint or whatever you like in there on top of the blend.
  • Then add a gallon of pure water
  • Close the jar and put it away in a cool dark place or in a cupboard for three days. Lovely!
  • If it is hot, check in every day and have a taste; if it is tart it is ready. If not, let it sit another day.
  • After three days, pour off the rejuvelac through a sieve into bottles; they keep well for two weeks in a refrigerator
  • You can add mint, lime and ice before drinking and experiment with you own preferences!

Staple of Rejuvelac and My Smoothie For Today