About You!

Are you tired of being tired?

Are you sick of your complaints?

Are your pounds weighing as heavy as lead?

Are you thinking more and more often;

“Enough is enough!”

Whether you  are looking for new energy or you want all your discomforts to disappear, lose those extra pounds without constantly dieting or you just need a bit of help to live healthy: I can help you.

Feel free to contact me and let’s have a look together how we can find a solution for your questions.

I offer a personal, free no-obligation call of fifteen minutes so we can see if we feel comfortable with each other to work together. Afterward you can sign up for individual coaching sessions of a half hour or one hour.

With love,

Marie-Claire, Rawfood Coach

For more information on raw food and what I can offer you, please visit my website www.ravishingraw.com

To schedule your appointment, please email me.