Not Milk

White as Milk. The spider too...

I was a milk addict before I became raw. Every day I made a quart of  delicious creamy yogurt, I had milk with Ezekiel as breakfast, was a huge fan of French cheeses. Leaving out milk of my diet seemed an impossible task. But not after feeling the difference in about one week. I was less tired and my muscles stopped hurting in no time.

Milk of raw seeds or nuts is so easy to make! Delicious. Fast. Nutritious. You won’t miss the ‘real’ thing and will feel better. You can use any nut or seed and the proportion is always the same. If you use brown nuts, soak overnight to release the enzyme inhibitors. You also will have to strain them to get rid of the brown peels and have a white color. Almonds are the best choice because they are alkaline. But if you are looking for a fast solution in the chaos of getting ready in time in the morning, cashew nuts or hemp seeds are the way to go. Blend and go!


Hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious food sources on earth. They contain the highest quality of Omega 3 and 6. Hemp is packed with 33 percent pure digestible protein. Those little seeds have all eight essential amino acids and essential fatty acids needed to sustain health. One glass of hemp seed milk provides you most of the proteins you need in one day and charges you with lots of vitamin E and iron. Also children love this milk and have many benefits from drinking this fresh made non diary product.


A blender or a hand mixer


Ingredients for Hemp Seed Milk

  • 1 C hemp seeds or cashew nuts
  • 3 or 4 C water, depending on how thin or thick you like the milk
  • 1 date or 1 TBS honey  to sweeten a little bit

All in blender

Place all the hemp seeds, water and the date into the blender. Blend until smooth, usually a matter of seconds with a high speed blender. With another blender it might take fifteen to thirty seconds…That’s it! It takes longer to write this down. No straining because the seeds are so soft that the texture is smooth as… milk.