Pure Temptation!

Love Chocolate Caramel Bar…

Pure Temptation Within Reach

As promised here is a tasty preview of how tempting raw food can be. If you thought you would have to forsake all your beloved food you had it all wrong! Insatiable hunger? Eat some chocolate and you will feel immediately satisfied. One of these chocolates is enough to ease your restlessness while looking in your cupboard for that little ‘something’. Provided you have the pure natural ingredients- raw, without milk, gluten or sugar- this chocolate feast is one you can enjoy without guilt.

You won’t gain weight because raw chocolate contains many valuable nutrients. It satisfies your eternal hunger for more and therefor will help you losing weight. It will provide you energy for the rest of your day, magnesium, a wealth of antioxidants and make you happy with its high serotonin levels. Too much of a good thing is never good, even with this chocolate. You can end up being constantly over- active when taking large doses every day, not being able to fall sleep when eating it in the evening. But in moderation you will only benefit from this divine food.

Make your own chocolates in ten minutes, or some crunchy chocolate bars with a hint of creamy caramel. For this first recipe I will guide you step by step. What are we waiting for?


C = A cup or 25 cl.

1 / 4 C = 1 / 4 cup or 6 cl.

TBS = tablespoon

tsp = teaspoon

Quantity; this amount is sufficient for a tea with some guests or just for you during the week.

Storing; This chocolate will keep well for a few weeks. If you add the caramel layer use it within one week. Always store in the fridge. These products are purely natural and melt faster than the usual chocolate you buy in the supermarket.


* Always add sweeteners, spices or seasonings by bits, and taste, taste, taste. These flavors can be so intense and sometimes surprise you with their strength. You can always add more if you need to.

* Rinse your kitchen tools immediately with warm water, especially bowls or batches of electrical equipment such as your blender or food processor. It is done in a few seconds and will save you a lot of cleanup work afterward, when the food sticks under the blades.

Tools you need

Tools you need; a food processor, blender or hand mixer, a large and a small bowl, a scale or measure cups, measure spoons, a grater or a paring knife, a spatula, a large spoon and a whisk.

Ingredients for raw chocolate

Ingredients for your raw chocolate:

* 100 g. raw cacao butter, grated or cut with a knife

* 6 TBS raw cacao powder

* 2 TBS Agave Nectar

* A pinch of sea sea salt

* A pinch of cayenne will make your chocolate sensual and ‘hot’

* For love ahead and exaltation; add 1/4 – 1/2 tsp maca powder, depending on your taste.

Ingredients for the 'caramel' layer

Ingredients for the caramel layer;

* 1/4 C raw pecan nuts

* 3 medjool dates (I didn’t need the fourth one on the picture…)

* About 1/4 tsp of cinnamon, to your own taste. I usually use more in winter, to make my body glow.

Scrape or Grate 100 g. of Cacao Butter

Start with scraping or grating the cacao butter. (watch your fingers!)

Melt Cacao Butter "Au Bain Marie"

Fill your large bowl half way with warm water, put the small bowl with the grated cacao butter in it. Now you can start making your caramel layer while the butter is melting.

All ingredients for your caramel layer in the food processor

Throw all the ingredients for the caramel layer in the food processor and mix until you have a crumbly but sticky texture.

Fine and sticky texture

This is how your texture looks like. To test if it will stick, take some between your fingers and knead it. If it stays together it is ready, if not, add another date and mix again.

Put some household foil into your mold

Put some household foil into your mold so you can easily remove the bar later. Certainly when you are not using a spring form, you will appreciate this little trick.

Push the crumble firmly into your mold

Push the crumble firmly into your mold.

Your first layer

This is how your first layer looks like. You can also build up the sides if you like to. Now put it in the refrigerator while you make luscious chocolate in no time.

Your melted cacao butter

Look at this fluid gold! Keep the small bowl in the warm water while you are proceeding to keep it smooth and fluid.

Mix all dry ingredients into the melted butter

Whisk all dry ingredients in your melted cacao butter until you have a fine, smooth structure. Ready!

Poor on top of the first layer

Now poor this luscious brown desire on top op your first layer. Take another lick out of your bowl…

Ready to let sit in the refrigerator!

Ready to let it sit. No patience anymore? Ten minutes in the freezer and you can put your teeth in your creation. (but don’t forget to take it out! Set the timer) Or let it cool off slowly in your refrigerator for an hour.

You will find the recipe of the following delicious chocolates in my FREE eBook “Raw For 3 Days!” To receive my eBook, sign up and I will send you the link where you can download it.

Note your creations

Buy a lovely note book and always write down your trials

Time to spoil yourself

Pick some lovely fresh mint and make yourself a nice cup of tea. Spoil yourself with your first chocolates…

… and your Pure Temtation.

… and with your Pure Temptation.

Food for Love!