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Eat Well, Live Long

This was a title I wrote about a while ago. But finding out what it can truly mean is something else.

Two days ago I received a message on Facebook from a friend who wanted me to have a look at a video. I was stunned and I still am! What I saw was an interview with Bernando LaPallo for his… you are reading this correct…. his 109th. birthday! He is looking 40 years younger! He is still alive and kicking, full of plans and dreams. I simply HAVE to blog about this amazing man and let you all know about him.

Why? He just finished a new book! It is a book with a beautiful title, breathing energy: “Age Less, Live More” Mr. Lapallo is living on raw food since 1979, thriving, still working and now planning on opening a restaurant. I am amazed AND energized by such living power.

109 years old and rocking on raw food!

What is his secret? “Superfoods” he said in the interview while taking the interviewer into his kitchen. He pointed at a big bowl of fruits on top of his refrigerator and showed us a large jar of the powder that “keeps me alive”. “Never miss it a day” he said, since the seventies.

This is such a hopeful message. I am trying to measure what it can mean for me. I don’t know what his health history is or his motivation to go raw halfway his life. Was he ill at that time or just eager to live healthy? I don’t know what raw food can restore in a body that has been very ill several years. But I am wondering since two days. Even with the knowledge around raw food and the proof I received of its healing power, I am not sure yet in how far raw food can turn the clock around. Seeing Mr. Lapallo is so inspiring that I gained a lot of faith. With the clean and raw lifestyle I am living, I can thrive till 100, no matter what my history was.

I want to invite you all to watch this short video of a man who will give you hope, inspiration and courage to live healthy, to become raw or to stay raw if you are on a cross-point in your raw food journey.

109 Year- Old Author Celebrates Birthday

Also have a look at his blog, where you can read about all his activities and lectures;


To end this short post, I want to share his three top health tips with you. When I heard them, I smiled because these are things I am writing about, trying to draw everybody’s attention to. It just feels so good to hear them from a man who is living long enough to prove to the world they are so true! You can see it all in this movie;

Raw Life Health Show

  1. Keep your colon clean! Keeping your colon clean means your liver can do its job (purify the blood) and keep you healthy.
  2. Take Dr. Schulze’s “Superfood” but it in the right manor; mix it with organic fruit and juice in the morning.
  3. Eat regularly and healthy: avoid fast food restaurants.

Colon Care with Colonics

All set for a Hydrotherapy Colonic

Colonic hydrotherapy is the best treat you can give your body. About 70% of all diseases find their cause in the colon. A high colonic  is very beneficial in the prevention and relief of many common ailments. You can choose between several options such as an enema which you can do yourself at home or a a colon irrigation with a professional colon hydro therapist. Good colon care means overall health.

I had my first colonic when I was raw for about a year and a half. I scheduled it after a detox on smoothies, juices and mono meals. This was the moment I felt ready and eager to get the old trash out of me. That first time knocked me out completely, physically and mentally. I was exhausted, incredibly sad and depressed. All I could do was stay calm and rest, telling myself this wasn’t me but a heavy detox I was going through. These side effects came as a total surprise to me. I had expected a bit of fatigue, rapidly followed by the euphoric feeling Matt Monarch always talks about. I missed that part. What happened?

I had three sessions that week because that’s what a colon needs the first time to release old waste. It took me a whole week to recover from the first one. I lost four pounds in one hour but that is only little compared to many others, who can lose up till sixteen pounds and more. This is how much plaque can be built up  in the colon due to eating bad food all life long.

Four days later I had a new appointment. I asked the therapist why I was feeling so awful.  She said my liver couldn’t take all the toxins and she decided to support it. I was afraid of the of a second session. It was a relieve that the following bowel rinses had less and less effect on me. I was recommended to schedule one every month to sustain my colon and to remove possible toxins on a regular basis.

Machine for Colon Irrigation

The one I have been looking forward to the most, was right after the liver & gallbladder flush. It was a tough colonic.  It took twenty minutes before stuff started loosening. She said I was so clean but I felt  like I was totally stuffed. Then suddenly a lot of small stones and bile appeared. I felt very sick in the stomach, had cramps, my legs felt weak and weird, I got a heavy migraine. Later on though I recovered very quickly and felt much better than before the colonic.

So what exactly happens during a colonic? When you never heard of it, it might be scary and you don’t know what to expect. But generally it is a very soft procedure. First of all I had to write down a whole week what I ate and drank. They advised me not to eat any meat or fish, lots of vegetables and fruit. I was glad because not all therapists want you to eat raw food before a colonic. During my research I saw certain websites were  they were forbidding raw vegetables and fruits. So you have to find out for yourself who is in alignment with your lifestyle.

After you lay down on your left side, the therapist places a soft tube into you. It is completely painless. You can then lay on your back and relax, covered with a towel. When the session starts, the hydro therapist starts running lukewarm water into you until the colon is full. Then he/she releases the pressure by stopping the flow of the water. The colon releases its wastes. It can take five or ten minutes before waste starts to loosen, depending on the kind of food you eat and the lifestyle you had. It is interesting when you can see the whole procedure and ask your questions, find out what is in your colon, if it is healthy, if there are parasites or -in my case- signs of other issues.

Choose for a hygienic place!

It is amazing how much a hydro therapist can see in your waste. They can track Candida for instance, if you are eating too many sugars, if you are eating healthy or fast food, if you have heavy metals and toxins in your body, or gall stones, protein in your urine, if your colon is active or lazy, how your bowl movement is improving after a few times. So it is very interesting and you learn a lot in forty five minutes to one hour.

Right after the session you have to go to the toilet to release the remaining water and waste. It takes several colonics to get the water up in the appendix and to remove all the old plaque. This is also why it’s called “High Colonic”. My therapist has a start package of three times to be sure you are clean. Others offer each cleansing separate. Also there are several systems. This one is with a machine but a friend of mine is having sessions with a gravity system that works very natural. Here you can’t follow the procedure yourself.

The effects aren’t always predictable. The first time I felt so energized right after the session! Ten minutes later I fell asleep in the car, driving. It is a good idea to take it easy after your first colonic. Schedule it on a day off so you can rest if you need to. And try to find a good one close to your home.

I am convinced that this thorough cleansing is determinative for my health. I might have had some struggle at first but I am feeling the difference now. It sure is a detox that I will build in my daily life by planning one every month. I can recommend to everybody who is on raw. A colon irrigation gives your body a complete new start and an opportunity to go to a next higher level in your raw food journey.

Gallbladder Flush

During my last colonic it turned out that I have gall stones and I was advised to have a gallbladder flush. “A What?” According to the therapist it would only take one day but back home I discovered a whole chapter in the new book I just got; “Raw Foods Bible” of Craig B. Sommers, N.D., C.N.. A great book by the way!

The Liver/Gallblader Flush is a very simple but thorough cleansing and helps eliminating the chemicals we breathe in, eat and who are penetrating our skin. If you have gallbladder stones, they will be removed to the colon. This is why I was recommended to schedule a new colonic after the cleanse to be sure the stones will leave my body.

According to Dr. Richard Schulz, it’s good for everybody to have this cleanse four times a year, once per season. It takes a week, it is very simple and inexpensive. All you have to do is drink a mixture of lemon, oranges or grapefruit with distilled water, olive oil, ginger and garlic on an empty stomach as breakfast. Then have it followed by two big cups of herbal tea and eat nothing else until lunch. The liver flushes itself out and the tea helps pushing it all through. The rest of the meals have to be simple raw dishes. If you want to accelerate the process, make it more powerful, fast on water or/and juices during the middle three days. If you want the detox more intense, you can double the portion of garlic and olive oil after a few days but it is not necessary. That’s it actually.


  • The garlic is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, antiviral: it fights and kills bacteria, parasites. It is also disinfecting your whole system.
  • The ginger is preventing nausea and stimulates circulation
  • The citrus helps cleaning the kidneys and the bladder. Only use the peel when it is organic. The essential oils in the peel helps stimulate the liver and produce more bile.
  • It wasn’t in the book what the olive oil is doing, but I bet it is flushing…


I was surprised by the “flush”. It is worth its name. See to it that you can be home the first two days, so starting in a weekend is perfect. I had bad diarrhea during the first days. You can also expect some nauseousness from time to time. Mostly because of the garlic who is fighting and killing bacteria. Put more ginger in your next mixture and you will feel better or make fresh ginger tea after the flush.

Another effect I experienced was on the emotional level, as always when you are detoxing. Waking up sad, going to bed sad without a particularly reason, not wanting to see anybody… Next day can be totally different though and it is good to stay close to yourself during those mixed emotions. Let it flow and remember you are detoxing. The liver is connected to our feelings. If your liver isn’t in a good shape, your mental state is going down with it. So don’t get scared when you can’t explain what is going on in your head because your liver is working very hard now to get rid of its toxins. You will feel better afterward, I promise you!

I‘m in my fifth day now, two more to go. Regarding eating and being hungry, this cleanse isn’t difficult. You only have to see to it that you keep your meals simple, with lots of greens. So what I did, was eat small salads when I got hungry or make a fresh juice. The three fasting days require a bit more discipline but you can have as many fresh juices as you want. Considered all together I must say it is going smoothly. The most important rule is that you make some time to do this in quiet, listen to your body and rest when you feel you have to.

Oh, I have to tell you about the clarity. After a few days your mind becomes more clear. I feel more alert and finally can concentrate again. (less at the start and you can also feel a bit drowsy) So it is going into the good direction. But now the recipe.



  • A juicer or a lemon press


Ingredients for flush

  • 8 oz of distilled water
  • 8 oz of fresh squeezed citrus juice, lemon, lime orange or grapefruit or a combination of these
  • one clove of garlic
  • a piece of one inch fresh ginger
  • one TBS of cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil


The mixture is the same except you have to use fresh apple juice and grape juice instead of citrus


Wait for about 15 to 30 minutes and drink two cups (16 oz) of a herbal detox tea or a digestive tea. I like Maria Thistle because it is cleansing the liver.



  • Juice whatever you want the combination to be until you reached 8 oz. This morning I had pink grapefruit and it tasted so nice.
  • Add 8 oz of distilled water. (I couldn’t find any and am using spring water)
  • Juice and add the ginger and garlic
  • Add the olive oil
  • Stir
  • Drink with a straw: it is much better for your teeth. The acids won’t destroy the glaze. Always clean your teeth after consuming citrus or drink a glass of water for the same reason.

Flush Drink of Oranges and Lemon

Let me know how it worked out for you. If I can be of any help, feel free to write me with your questions.

Rejuvenating Rejuvelac

Rejuvelac for Rejuvenation

Rejuvelac is my favorite drink! It is comforting at times I long for a tingling feeling on my tongue, an old reminder to bubbles in water or soft drinks. It has a subtle tartness and the character of a soft -but healthy-  lemonade. I always have several bottles in my refrigerator because rejuvelac is packed with life: enzymes!

There is so much to tell about this life lengthening drink. These are only a few of the wonderful benefits.

  • Fermented food is filled with enzymes. Rejuvelac is THE enzyme drink!
  • Enzymes are life lengthening!
  • The pro-biotics help the process of fermentation in foods so yes, you can make your own nut cheese and yogurt easily
  • Rejuvelac is a pre-digested food. This means that proteins are broken down into amino acids and carbohydrates into simple sugars. All nutrients are assimilated very soon after drinking without loss of energy.
  • Drinking rejuvelac helps digestion and is a very effective cure for stomach and colon problems.
  • Use Rejuvelac instead of water in your smoothies and drink some glasses in between meals to cleanse your colon, flush your system and to gain energy.
  • Rejuvelac is a natural pro-biotic: the enzymes help the friendly bacteria such as lactobacillus bifidus to grow.
  • Your colon becomes cleaner by drinking rejuvelac every day: it prevents sludge to collect on the colon walls.
  • The cleaner your colon, the less chance diseases will arise and the healthier you will be.
  • Rejuvelac is a rich source of B vitamins, vitamine E and K.
  • And last but not least: it is very easy and cheap to make!

The only thing rejuvelac needs is time and darkness. So if you like this drink, be sure you start sprouting wheat berries in time. This takes about two days, depending if it’s warm or cold. Same when you ferment the berries: warmth is an important factor; in a hot summer it might be possible you have to halve time and check in every now and then. With a little bit of practice you won’t fall without this healing drink.

There are several ways to make rejuvelac and I always used Dr. Ann Wigmore’s using the berries whole. But a few weeks ago I tried out a basic recipe of “Raw Soul” in New York. They usual blend the berries before the whole fermentation process starts. I was curious what would happen if you combine the two of them, blending after the second time you drain the berries and it worked just as well.

But to start with I will give you the fastest way so you have some results soon and with a higher amount: by blending the berries. This recipe is based on 1 C of sprouted wheat berries. You can double or triple if you want larger amounts easily.

You can experiment with what fruits you put in the rejuvalac. This combination I use to make is a very nice one and will make you think of lemonade.


All you need is:

  • A glass jar or a nut milk bag for the sprouting
  • A big glass container that you can close for the fermentation
  • A blender or hand mixer


  • 1 C of wheat berries
  • Pure water

After two days of sprouting


  • Soak one cup of wheat berries overnight, covered with pure water
  • Next morning: drain and rinse
  • Turn the jar upside down on one side so all the water can drip out and the berries get fresh air
  • Rinse the berries 2 or 3 times a day for about two days
  • When a little ‘tail’ appears, they are ready!

1 Cup of Sprouted Wheat Berries


You will see that after soaking the amount of berries almost doubled. This means you have almost 2 Cups and you can make more than you thought: make a pure jar and a variation with mint and lime or the fruits of your choice for a drink in the evening when you are craving wine or soft drinks.

Blend for five seconds

  • Place 1 C of wheat berries in the blender and add 1 C of water
  • Blend for five seconds

Before adding water, pure Rejuvelac

  • Pour this blend into your big glass jar
  • If you want the rejuvelac pure and simple, only add one gallon of pure water. That’s it!
  • If you want another taste, put layers of lemon, ginger, mint or whatever you like in there on top of the blend.
  • Then add a gallon of pure water
  • Close the jar and put it away in a cool dark place or in a cupboard for three days. Lovely!
  • If it is hot, check in every day and have a taste; if it is tart it is ready. If not, let it sit another day.
  • After three days, pour off the rejuvelac through a sieve into bottles; they keep well for two weeks in a refrigerator
  • You can add mint, lime and ice before drinking and experiment with you own preferences!

Staple of Rejuvelac and My Smoothie For Today