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How to make your own plot

If you would like to grow your own vegetables but you don’t have a large garden or the soil isn’t suited, then square foot gardening is the solution. But also when you have a large garden and you want larger yields a plot is ideal for you. Another benefit is that you can totally control the quality of your soil if you are into organic vegetables. And I know you are or you wouldn’t even be here.

So I thought you might like to know how exactly to build your plot from scratch. When I was looking for one, I was disappointed by the prices. So I started looking around and could purchase what I needed for only half the price. The ready-to-use plots need to be assembled anyway so what’s the difference in time? Right. Reason enough to do it all by yourself, have the satisfaction of building it and saving money with which you can buy the soil.

After one hour you can admire your seedlings proudly standing happily in their new plot.


  • 3 beams of about 5,11 inches (or 13 cm.) to 5,90 inches (or 15 cm) high, and 70,86 inches (or 180 cm) long
  • Any pine beam you have laying around 4 times the length of the height of the first beams. (1,57 inches to 1,57/4cm to 4 cm)
  • Long nails
  • A hammer
  • A saw
  • A measure tool
  • A pencil
  • 4 packs of organic soil of about 42 quart or 40 liter

Organic Soil


  • Saw the square pine beams into 4 pieces (the height of your plot beams)
  • Saw one long beam (of 70,86 or 180 cm) in half . These are the short sides of your plot

Saw the long beam in half

  • Take the 4 short square pine beams and put them under each end of your long beams

Nail the corners together

  • Nail them together with two nails
  • Then nail the short side beams into the square pine beams. Done!

One more hit...

  • Now find a nice place in the sun in your garden and place it there. You can first put a special canvas in there to avoid the weed coming up but actually it works fine without it as they will die without having light.

Pour the organic soil into the plot

  • Open the bags of soil, pour and spread equally

Spread equally

  • Spray it with water gently until the soil is drenched well

Spray well with water

  • Now you can plant your seedlings or sew your darlings
  • Smile! You did it!

Smile and be proud!

Raw Food Tour Through New York 5

If you are looking for the best juices with the most nutrients but you can’t afford a Norwalk juicer, you can stop at Liquiteria and buy the taste of your choice.


Liquiteria is a very attractive juice bar where you can take out the loveliest juices. The place isn’t big but very busy. I liked the fresh spirit inside, with growing wheatgrass and a bright sunlight color on the walls, a high fridge loaded with bottled juices. It is always nice to read how others combine their juices and the funny names they come up with.

The eye wants something too and Liquiteria understands how to play with that principle. The bottles look nice, the labels clean, their branding rocks in every corner.

I had seen the Norwalk juicer on pictures and in movies but never for real. And oh, they had two of them in the back. I always thought they were much bigger but no, they seem to be elegant, up to date and hip. Dr. Norman Walker was a true “avant-garde” designer in his time to invent a juicer which seems to be the best looking one I ever saw. It has a touch of “Bauhaus”, a bit of “Art Nouveau” and fits right into the 21st. century. He must have known his machine would be timeless because of its exceeding quality. I wish I had a picture of these beauties in the back!

But Liquiteria has more than liquid meals. The oatmeal breakfast suggestion looked tempting, even if it wasn’t raw. If you are a vegetarian or not 100% raw, you will surely enjoy their lovely organic wraps and vegetarian meals such as homemade soups, granola and sandwiches. For me though, Liquiteria will always be connected to Dr. Norman Walker and his world class juicer!

Raw Food Tour Through New York 2

Even if you haven’t planned your day and you are out of vegetables and fruit, you can find organic produce very nearby your place in New York. If you are staying in a hotel room you can have a daily visit to get some greens and make a salad or a smoothie with a personal blender. I saw very handy, small packages with green powders, enough for one smoothie. So if you are traveling to New York, you don’t even have to bother taking your superfoods.


I knew of the many outstanding Whole Foods Markets in New York but when we discovered this huge, clean building which seemed very new, I was stunned by their green mission on all levels.

It was exciting to wander through the wide paces and see all the green departments. Everything is available here, from organic and locally grown produce to superfoods, wheatgrass powder, ecological cleansing products, kitchen tools, bamboo cutting boards and organic body care. And oh, I even found my favorite probiotics there!

It was amazing to see how all healthy choices one can make are displayed here. Even if shopping in small stores can be more personal, I liked spending time here because it is so synoptic and clear where you have to be for what you are looking for. These Whole Foods Markets are all over town, no matter where you are living or staying. What a lovely motivation for whomever is choosing to eat raw or healthy while traveling or living in a city.

It isn’t difficult to make healthy choices in New York, despite what many people might say. Yes, the prices are higher than when you walk into a McDonalds and order your hamburger. But there is no price on health, the most valuable good we own.

Eat Well, Live Long

This was a title I wrote about a while ago. But finding out what it can truly mean is something else.

Two days ago I received a message on Facebook from a friend who wanted me to have a look at a video. I was stunned and I still am! What I saw was an interview with Bernando LaPallo for his… you are reading this correct…. his 109th. birthday! He is looking 40 years younger! He is still alive and kicking, full of plans and dreams. I simply HAVE to blog about this amazing man and let you all know about him.

Why? He just finished a new book! It is a book with a beautiful title, breathing energy: “Age Less, Live More” Mr. Lapallo is living on raw food since 1979, thriving, still working and now planning on opening a restaurant. I am amazed AND energized by such living power.

109 years old and rocking on raw food!

What is his secret? “Superfoods” he said in the interview while taking the interviewer into his kitchen. He pointed at a big bowl of fruits on top of his refrigerator and showed us a large jar of the powder that “keeps me alive”. “Never miss it a day” he said, since the seventies.

This is such a hopeful message. I am trying to measure what it can mean for me. I don’t know what his health history is or his motivation to go raw halfway his life. Was he ill at that time or just eager to live healthy? I don’t know what raw food can restore in a body that has been very ill several years. But I am wondering since two days. Even with the knowledge around raw food and the proof I received of its healing power, I am not sure yet in how far raw food can turn the clock around. Seeing Mr. Lapallo is so inspiring that I gained a lot of faith. With the clean and raw lifestyle I am living, I can thrive till 100, no matter what my history was.

I want to invite you all to watch this short video of a man who will give you hope, inspiration and courage to live healthy, to become raw or to stay raw if you are on a cross-point in your raw food journey.

109 Year- Old Author Celebrates Birthday

Also have a look at his blog, where you can read about all his activities and lectures; http://www.agelesslivemorestore.com/

Website; www.RawLifeHealthShow.com

To end this short post, I want to share his three top health tips with you. When I heard them, I smiled because these are things I am writing about, trying to draw everybody’s attention to. It just feels so good to hear them from a man who is living long enough to prove to the world they are so true! You can see it all in this movie;

Raw Life Health Show

  1. Keep your colon clean! Keeping your colon clean means your liver can do its job (purify the blood) and keep you healthy.
  2. Take Dr. Schulze’s “Superfood” but it in the right manor; mix it with organic fruit and juice in the morning.
  3. Eat regularly and healthy: avoid fast food restaurants.