How to make your own plot

If you would like to grow your own vegetables but you don’t have a large garden or the soil isn’t suited, then square foot gardening is the solution. But also when you have a large garden and you want larger yields a plot is ideal for you. Another benefit is that you can totally control the quality of your soil if you are into organic vegetables. And I know you are or you wouldn’t even be here.

So I thought you might like to know how exactly to build your plot from scratch. When I was looking for one, I was disappointed by the prices. So I started looking around and could purchase what I needed for only half the price. The ready-to-use plots need to be assembled anyway so what’s the difference in time? Right. Reason enough to do it all by yourself, have the satisfaction of building it and saving money with which you can buy the soil.

After one hour you can admire your seedlings proudly standing happily in their new plot.


  • 3 beams of about 5,11 inches (or 13 cm.) to 5,90 inches (or 15 cm) high, and 70,86 inches (or 180 cm) long
  • Any pine beam you have laying around 4 times the length of the height of the first beams. (1,57 inches to 1,57/4cm to 4 cm)
  • Long nails
  • A hammer
  • A saw
  • A measure tool
  • A pencil
  • 4 packs of organic soil of about 42 quart or 40 liter

Organic Soil


  • Saw the square pine beams into 4 pieces (the height of your plot beams)
  • Saw one long beam (of 70,86 or 180 cm) in half . These are the short sides of your plot

Saw the long beam in half

  • Take the 4 short square pine beams and put them under each end of your long beams

Nail the corners together

  • Nail them together with two nails
  • Then nail the short side beams into the square pine beams. Done!

One more hit...

  • Now find a nice place in the sun in your garden and place it there. You can first put a special canvas in there to avoid the weed coming up but actually it works fine without it as they will die without having light.

Pour the organic soil into the plot

  • Open the bags of soil, pour and spread equally

Spread equally

  • Spray it with water gently until the soil is drenched well

Spray well with water

  • Now you can plant your seedlings or sew your darlings
  • Smile! You did it!

Smile and be proud!